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As humans constantly keep evolving, so has a significant area of human endeavors. The activity of maintaining one’s car is no longer business as usual, leading to the introduction of newer procedures such as ceramic coating.

There are many assumptions made about ceramic coatings. Many critics are prone to doubt the reliability of this procedure, they believe the regular claims of ceramic coatings being able to preserve the car’s paint job as untrue. While they base these belief on diverse opinions, what first is ceramic coating?

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating, also sometimes called Nano-ceramic coating, is the application of long-term nanoscopic protectant and paint treatment to an automobile. It is typically the application of industry grade chemical polymer solution to the exterior of a car to protect it from external damage.

The coating gets applied by hand and it blends with the paint of the car to create an extra layer of hydrophobic protection. This coating provides a smooth surface and a rich glossy look to the car’s paint, which does not wash away nor break down. Some of the widely used ceramic coatings are GYEON Ceramic Coating, Opti-Coat Pro, Ceramic Pro to mention a few.

Why ceramic coatings should get applied?

Using ceramic coatings helps to protect a car’s exterior paint from blemishes, while also significantly keeping it cleaner for longer. Ceramic coatings gives the car an extremely glossy shine as the coating creates an intense water beading effect and dirt run-off. The successful application of ceramic coatings makes car washing easier, shields it from harmful ultraviolet rays.

When should ceramic coatings get applied?

Ceramic coatings should only get applied to a car when it’s in a tip-top shape after a wash ensuring all dirt and grime has been removed. The cleaner the paint, the better ceramic coatings will bond to the paint.

Who should apply ceramic coatings?

Some things are better left to the professional and ceramic coatings are one of them. Yes, there are a lot of over the counter, do it yourself ceramic coating products but they aren’t nearly as durable as the professional line. Most detailing companies have taken training on how to install ceramic coatings the right way and have the skills and knowledge to correct any issues. Also, when ceramic coatings are not applied the right way, they can leave high spots, streaking and other blemishes in the paint, remember ceramic coatings bonds to the paint and most can only be removed by polishing or compounding.

Is ceramic coating worth it?

Absolutely, ceramic coating offers far more benefits than waxing. The last for years, not months. They offer the best protection from the sun fading the paint. Next level shine that a wax simply cannot produce, while making cleaning your vehicle a breeze. They may appear to be more expensive but really waxing is more expensive. With ceramic coatings you are paying up front, one initial payment vs reapplication of waxing four times a year. This is why they appear to be expensive but when you really do the math, waxing is more expensive.

Now that you know what ceramic coatings are, don’t you think your vehicle deserves to be protected to enjoy a beautiful shine much longer?

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