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What is the Procedure of Genioplasty?

The right position and projection of the chin plays a vital role in determining how you look – masculine or feminine, young, or old. Incorrect natural placement can lead to a loss of self-esteem when one is conscious about how they look. Genioplasty surgery is a plastic surgery procedure performed to reposition the chin bone as per your aesthetic requirement which is performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

About the Procedure

Genioplasty is performed under general anaesthesia, and it is a safe day care procedure. The chin bone forms the lowermost part of the lower jaw. During this procedure, the surgeon separates the chin from the rest of the lower jaw to reposition it to a more aesthetically desired position. Plates and screws are used to fix the chin bone in its new position using a few stitches.

Performed by an expert, gold medalist surgeon, the procedure can be completed within an hour from start to finish.

How Safe is the Procedure?

The procedure is safe. The screws and plates used for repositioning the chin bone are made from medical grade titanium and titanium alloys, which are approved after intensive testing to ensure they do not pose any risk to the patient. 

After the procedure, the incision wound is thoroughly washed to minimise infection risk. Dr Sanchaita Kohli uses modern technology like ultrasonic bone surgery to prevent the risk of any potential injury to nerves, blood vessels and teeth. This also reduces the surgical downtime involved in the procedure.

Is there any scarring?

Genioplasty is performed to address aesthetic concerns about the chin. Your surgeon understands that visible scarring only means replacing one aesthetic concern with another. Therefore, entire surgery is performed from within the mouth, including the incision and sutured. This ensures that there is no visible scarring anywhere on the face. 

When Can I Opt for Genioplasty?

Every body part follows a growth pattern, the same is true for the lower jaw. It reaches its mature shape and position only by the time a person is 22 or 23 years of age. Opting for genioplasty surgery prior to that may reverse or even damage the results of the procedure later, which may lead to oral injuries as well. 

It is advisable to opt for the surgery only after you have crossed this age threshold, in consultation with a gold medalist surgeon. Dr Sanchaita Kohli prioritizes a patient’s comfort and care above all else. She uses state of the art facilities and modern technology to ensure a comfortable and safe experience for her patients.

Source: https://facesurgerydelhi.com/genioplasty/

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