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High creatinine level problem is the primary symptom of kidney dysfunction which tells that your kidneys are not working properly as they should and you need to seek medical attention to reverse your kidneys’ functioning.

Creatinine is a byproduct of protein generated during muscle breakdown. Everyone has creatinine in their body which usually gets filtered out from their body by kidneys. The creatinine level varies from body to body, say a man with high muscle mass will have high creatinine level than a person who’s having a higher percentage of body fat.

The estimated ratio of creatinine level in a human body is found to be around 0.84 to 1.21 MG/DL if your lab report shows creatinine level exceeds beyond this range then this is a call of concern.

Knowing your creatinine level can provide some relevant insights about your kidneys’ functioning. You can measure your creatinine levels by getting your urine and blood samples tested.

Let’s take a closer look at high creatinine, why high creatinine level is dangerous,  symptoms that go along with it, and when to see a doctor.

What are the symptoms of high creatinine levels?

The symptoms of high creatinine levels are hard to diagnose during the initial stages. A person suffering from a high creatinine level will experience some visible symptoms after a certain period which may include the following-

● Nausea
● Chest pain or feeling pressure on the chest
● Vomiting
● Fatigue
● Having frequent urges to pass urine
● High blood pressure
● Having itchy and dry skin
● Swelling or fluid retention
● Severe muscle cramps, especially at night

When to see a doctor?

If you constantly feel the above-mentioned symptoms in your health then it’s important to consult the doctor so that you can bring your creatinine level back to a normal state.

Is a high creatinine level dangerous?

High creatinine level itself is harmless but it’s a clear indication of kidney dysfunction which tells that your kidneys are not working properly as they should. In the broadest sense, your fist-sized kidneys play a crucial role in purifying your blood from creatinine and other excessive fluids that build up inside your bloodstream in time.

When your kidneys get damaged, they lose their ability to purify your blood from waste products, chemical toxins, and other pollutants which increases the level of creatinine in your bloodstream. Unfiltered blood can bring some serious health ailments, such as high blood pressure, brain tumor, stroke, heart attack, and irreversible kidney problems.

What are the causes of high creatinine levels?

Several medical factors can cause inflammation in your small blood tubules ( glomeruli ) and interfere with your kidneys’ functioning which increases the creatinine level in your blood. Here we’ve listed some of the common factors which include-


Less water content in your body can affect your kidneys’ functioning by causing inflammation on glomeruli. People who drink less water are at higher risk of having high creatinine level problems.

Increased consumption of protein

A protein-rich diet may affect your kidneys’ functioning in people suffering from kidney-related problems because kidneys with weak or no functioning face trouble in eliminating waste products of protein metabolism which can increase your creatinine level.

Intense exercise

Creatinine is produced due to muscle breakdown which mostly occurs when you do an intense workout, such as running, squats, jumping, etc.

Some medicines

If you’re under certain medication which involves the ingestion of certain medicines such as antibiotics, aspirin, and H2 blockers can affect your kidneys’ functioning which can increase your creatinine levels.

Ayurvedic treatment for high creatinine level

Ayurveda is the science of life which is a holistic way of treatment that can give anchor to your high creatinine level naturally without giving any side effects to your body. The ayurvedic medicine to reduce creatinine is derived from the extract of natural herbs which can cure inflammation of the kidneys’ filtering units and stimulate your weak kidneys’ cells so that your kidneys start working properly as they should.  The creatinine treatment in Ayurveda uses a bio-cleansing procedure to detoxify your body from chemical toxins, infections, and viruses which makes you more prone to have many health problems. Ayurvedic medicines work as a natural healing system that is primed to strengthen your natural defenses that increases your body’s ability to fight health problems naturally.

Disclaimer: High creatinine levels are a chronic health ailment required to be chewed down with the right treatment time. It’s advised that you do not make any changes in your diet or schedule without considering your doctor or renal dietitian. The symptom varies from body to body based on age, sex, and nationalities.

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