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Is your Chromebook’s touchscreen not working? If yes, then you have come to the right place because today, we are going to show you exactly how you can fix your Chromebook’s non-responsive touch screen using five simple tips. 

Here’s how you can fix your Chromebook’s touchscreen.

Clean It’s Screen

Sometimes the touchscreen of your Chromebook might not work if it is not clean. Why? Because if your Chromebook’s touchscreen is not clean, it can affect its ability to recognize your touch. So, make sure that the screen of your device (Chromebook) is clean if its touch screen is not working. To do this, turn off your Chromebook and gently clean its screen using a dry cloth/lint-free cloth. However, if your device is really dirty, then you can use cleaning solutions like Screen Mom Cleaner Kit, Care Check Lens Wipes, Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Kit, etc. to clean it.

Clean/Dry Your Hands

If you are trying to use your Chromebook using dirty or wet hands, then you might face issues while using it. Why? Because dirty or wet hands can neutralize your Chromebook’s ability to recognize your touch. Besides, this may also damage your Chromebook or its components. So, make sure you keep your hands clean and dry while using your Chromebook if you don’t want to face any issues while using it. You can also use a compatible stylus with your Chromebook to make sure you don’t knowingly or unknowingly damage your Chromebook’s touchscreen.

Make Sure That Your Touchscreen Is Enabled

The next thing that you can do if your Chromebook’s touchscreen is not working is to make sure that your Chromebook’s touchscreen is not disabled. Chromebook provides its users with an option to enable and disable their touchscreen. Therefore, if you unknowingly disable this option, then your device’s touchscreen will stop working. To make sure this is not the case, use the following keyboard shortcut: “Search+Shift+t” and see if you have accidentally disabled your device’s touchscreen or not.

Note: This shortcut may not work with every Chromebook. So, if the shortcut doesn’t work, then you can go to “chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts” and turn on the debugging keyboard shortcuts option to use this keyboard shortcut.

Hard Reset Your Device

Sometimes your touchscreen might become unresponsive due to a technical glitch or bug. But you can quickly fix this problem by hard resetting your device. So, if the above tips do not work, then try hard-resetting your device. This will help you get rid of any potential bug or process that might be affecting your Chromebook normal working. To do this:

  1. Switch off your device. 
  2. Next, press and hold your Chromebook’s refresh key and then press its power button.
  3. Now, when your device starts up, release your device’s refresh key.

For tablet users

  1. Press and hold these two buttons together: “volume up and power button.”
  2. Finally, wait for 10-20 seconds and release the pressed buttons.

Factory Reset Your Device

If all the above tips fail and you still are unable to use your Chromebook correctly, then your device might be infected by a virus or trojan. However, we can easily remove these viruses or trojans by formatting our Chromebook. Yes, it may look like scary advice in the first place, but it will surely help you out in fixing your problem if your Chromebook’s touchscreen is not working due to a virus or trojan. So, try formatting your device if your Chromebook’s touch screen is not working.


There you have it, five tips that you can use to fix your Chromebook if its touchscreen is not working. So, do use these tips if you find yourself stuck in a similar situation.

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