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What's the experience of a day without a mobile phone?

This morning, my iphone11 pro max could not be turned on for no reason. I was busy working overtime and left it at home.

For mobile phone fans like me, not having a mobile phone is a disaster.

Throughout the morning, whenever I was free, I habitually went to the drawer to touch the phone. But the drawer is empty, and I feel as if I have lost my soul. My heart seems to be on fire.

I rely too much on mobile phones. If I didn't bring a mobile phone, I would feel uncomfortable.

In fact, I usually check my Weibo and moments on my mobile phone, but I haven't done anything meaningful. I spend all my free time at work on my mobile phone, which consumes my time.

At noon, I can't sleep. Before, I used to play with my mobile phone before nap. Today, without a mobile phone, I think time flies very slowly.

I just took out my Kindle from my bag and started reading. Strangely, I watched it calmly for an hour and a half.

When I go to work in the afternoon, I am not as anxious as in the morning. During the break, I made a cup of green tea and walked around in the corridor. The difference is that I always sit, work, or look down at the phone. I often sore from the neck down.

On the way home from get off work, I continued to read on my Kindle in the car, and the maddening traffic did not cause me too much trouble.

After I got home, I fixed the phone for a while, and it was the same as before.

I checked my phone, and apart from the chat messages of a few friends and the messages of the WeChat group, there were only a few missed calls. When I returned the call, I was relieved because there was nothing urgent.

I can’t help thinking, is my phone really that important to me? Is it important enough to consume all the time fragments?

Today, without a mobile phone, I read half a book. I usually read a book early in the morning or before going to bed, and I spend all my spare time on my mobile phone.

It's amazing how powerful these time segments are. It's heartbreaking to waste so much.

In the future, I will force myself to use less mobile phones, which not only protects my eyesight, but also saves time.

I need to find a way to take off the hat of “mobile phone” and return to a free, quiet and efficient spiritual space.


Written by Pamela Nahum

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