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Even after 13 years of its release, Death Note continues to be one of the most popular anime out there. The suspenseful storytelling can keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. Its quirky characters bring an element of surprise and make the overall plot even more engrossing and captivating. Despite having supernatural elements, Death Note does not appear odd and challenges the viewers to constantly keep up with its mind-boggling storytelling. Even though it has been more than a decade, Fans still get excited whenever they discuss the various arcs on the show and, most importantly, the cognitive battle between L, the best detective in the world, and Light Yagami, a promising student.

The show is known worldwide and rated as one of the most popular anime of all time on myanimelist. It has been the favored choice of newcomers who are not familiar with the world of anime. But in the last decade, the options for the newcomers have increased with the addition of some great anime. One of these is Promised Neverland that is good enough to compensate for the weak points of Death Note.

Promised Neverland is based on the manga by Posuka Demizu and Kaiu Shirai. It recounts the story of a group of orphans who stumble upon the secret of their orphanage. The reality is challenging for them to accept as their world view changes in an instant. The show has already completed one season, and the next one is supposed to be released sooner than later. Since its source material is ready, the anime still has a lot to cover, and we can expect Promised Neverland to continue for a few more seasons. Its captivating story and masterful narration make it an ideal alternative to Death Note. 

The most important aspect that makes Death Note and Promised Neverland different from each other is the number of episodes. Death Note drags on for a total of 37 episodes while Promised Neverland’s season 1 has only 12. So, it is much easier for a newcomer to watch Promised Neverland since it requires far less commitment compared to Death Note. Promised Neverland’s season 1 is committed to only one story arc, which ensures that the viewers are engrossed from start to end while also exciting them for the upcoming season. Death Note in the first half does a great job, but it does become a little hard to watch after the death of L.

The excitement for the second season is one more factor that goes in favor of Promised Neverland. Fans have something to look forward to, which is not the case with Death Note. Death Note disappoints in one more factor; the show is primarily focused on the conflict between the protagonists Light and L. But it hurts the show’s popularity when L dies, leaving the excitement of the possible conclusion of the show with the victory of either one of the two a disappointing expectation. Promised Neverland’s character development is perfect, and it does not interfere with the overall plot.

In conclusion, it would be wrong to presume that the Death Note is bad because of its weaknesses. The show is one of the most popular of all time for a reason. But, Promised Neverland appears to have done better in some aspects. Ultimately, it is a matter of choice at the end of the day. Both the shows are great and will be a great introduction to the world of anime for the newcomers.

source: Better Anime: Promised Neverland Vs Death Note?

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