Even the name itself, Norway, tells you that there is No Way, this place can leave you not astonished or mesmerized. Norway has always been one of the top destinations and top desired destinations for people all over the world. There are a number of reasons why Norway is definitely worth visiting, yet there are multiple reasons why many people are left with only a desire to do so as well.

The first thing which should be mentioned in the history and the location of the country. Norway is one of the most developed countries in the world, it has one of the most sustainable economies in Scandinavia, following Sweden. The country carries a huge history and culture. Many stories and many myths originate from Norway and the Nordic gods that have become myths are worldwide famous. Norway and its culture have not once been the main inspiration for different TV shows and movies.

Norway Travels

One of the most popular shows The Vikings is inspired by Nordic people, known as Vikings, who have inhabited the most part of Scandinavia and have played a huge role in the formation of the culture as well as settlements. The show is extremely popular in many countries, and featuring picturesque views and nature, it has motivated a lot of people to travel to the Nordic country, including Norway. So, save your money and sit back to listen.

Nature and its beauty

While many countries all over the world have something to be proud of and to boast about, Norway is one of those that can definitely boast of the ultimate beauty of nature. It is not only about having shores and mountains, but it is the variety of nature and the variety of the colors one single country can offer. The mountains, the sea, the forest, the waterfalls and many more is something, which you will be left with, while simply going hiking or visiting some national parks.

The natural beauty is extremely promising, and hiking in Norway is one of the best choices you can make while visiting the country. Hiking is very easy, as the local government has taken care of the paths and the availability of the routes, which shall take you to different locations, being it in the mountains or the shores. There are a lot of camping spots, which make the whole journey even more pleasant. Though, even if it is too easy for you and you are looking for something more serious, the country can obviously offer you some more serious routes as well. The peak of Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain in Norway. This is something less intense, yet the scenery should be ingrained in your mind forever. The view on the Rondane National Park is where the reindeer are in their natural habitat and you can watch it all. Just imagine you are in the real Bambie cartoon.


We have mentioned the waterfalls above. And this was not a joke. While the waterfall is definitely not something you should be surprised for, as almost every country has some at least hidden waterfalls in the deep forests or in mountains, Norway, thanks to its glaciers, offers visitors a powerful and extremely breathtaking attraction throughout the whole year. The glaciers play a huge role in the formation of waterfalls, which are located mostly in the western part of the country. The most famous waterfall is Mardalsfossen, which is one of the largest and the most powerful waterfalls in Europe. If you get close enough you can even feel the sprays of the water.

The coast is also one of those things that many know or at least have heard about. Norway is famous for the number of coastlines. All of them are charming, especially hosting small cities and villages, which visitors can also visit. The traditional coastline towns have very simple yet very colorful architecture. The residents of the town are mainly fishermen and culinary stapes workers. Coastal towns can be located on the rod of the islands, making the whole scenery even more existing. Bright colored houses are usually the best representation of the traditional and cultural alignment of the local towns and more look like a fairytale, rather than the reality.

Talking about coasts, we can not skip Fjord. This is where a long sea is found between high cliffs and mountains and it is usually the result of the submerged glacier valley. In Norway, the fjords are the most beautiful natural attractions and only those can be considered as the valid reason for the trip to Scandinavia. Most of the local fjords are located on the western coastlines including Sognefjorden, which is the longest fjord in all of Europe.

Culture and Traditions

While nature is definitely one of the most outstanding of them all, another thing which should be outlined is the culture and the tradition of the country and people. Norway carries a culture of centuries and a lot of at first sight strange traditions are still actively going around locals. It is said that Norwegian people are descendants of Vikings, and this is perhaps the reason why they have a certain similar physical pattern. Many Norwegians are tall, strong, and ginger or blond-haired. Which is one of the characteristics of Nordic people.

As mentioned before traditions and the history of Norway has not once become the inspiration for movies, games, or stories. Not only the Vikings TV show is a clear example of it, but also games. According to the representative of https://nyecasino.ninja/, the players choose Nordic themed games very frequently, expressing big interest and attraction toward the colorful slots, games, and characters as well as symbols present in different games. The reason is very obvious, just like the culture and the architecture of the towns is very vibrant, the shows and games feature the same bright pattern.

One of the biggest traditions and cultural heritage, which actually has become the ordinary lifestyle of Norwegian people is their work and the main source of living, fishing. Due to many factors, including the geography of the country, most of the people living in small towns and villages are fishermen. Fishing and sailing are some of the most common activities in Norway. Due to the extensive number of fishermen and sailors, there are fisherman cabins located on the shores. This has also become one of the symbols of the country. One of the clearest examples for the cabins is Lofoten Archipelago, which is also a very famous tourism destination. The island is considered to be one of the most attractive scenic spots in the whole country. Most attractions on the island are man made and handmade, which makes the whole story even more exciting. The fisherman’s cabins are located on the coastline. Some of the houses are built on rocks, still and are called Rorbu. If you ever have a chance to visit the place, make sure to spend one night there and see all the beauty as well as observe an ordinary day of the locals on the remote and very cozy beaches.

Religion and myths


This is something fascinating which has attracted many writers and historians to Norway. The local religion is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway. Though, while there are a lot of religions accepted in Norway, the most interesting still remains back in history. Nordic Gods are part of the most interesting myths all around the world. Many stories and versions of the Nordic Gods and their activities have been written and have been heard. Odin, Chief god of the Aesir. Freyr, God of Fertility, and of course the heaven, Valhalla. This is only the small list of Nordic mythology, which is clearly described and prescribed in the Vikings. Thor, a movie by Marvel is also produced on the motives of the Nordic mythology, featuring Odin and many gods.

Though, this does not only end with the stories and the myths. The religious representations are churches. Large churches in Europe tend to be made from stone, but in Norway, it is possible to find grand and intricately designed churches made entirely from wood. These stave churches are representative of the woodworking industry that has long been a part of Norwegian culture and history. There are many stave churches located around Norway, but one of the most impressive is the Heddal Stave Church. Heddal was constructed in the 13th century and is the largest of the wooden stave churches in the country.

Northern Lights or the Real-Life Fairytale

Northern Lights

Obviously, we could not finish the article, without mentioning the Northern Lights, perhaps one of the biggest mysteries and one of the world and one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. Thousands of people visit Norway throughout the year in order to see a natural miracle and to witness the great beauty. Thanks to the northern location and the proximity of the Arctic Circle, dry weather might make the best condition to see the magic. Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights is one of the biggest reasons why you should visit Norway. The best chance to see the brightest light by the need of the tunnel is to visit Norway, especially in the winter, as this is the period when the nights are long and you can keep staring at the beauty for the whole momentum. The further north you go, the better it gets. There are some places which are regarded to be the best spots to see the lights, such as Tromso. Make sure to get at least a one-way ticket to this town.

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