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Noida is a developing city. Earlier, there were not many high buildings and apartments in Noida. But now the scenario is something different. People flock to Noida for various reasons like job, medical problem, or good school and college. The people who work in good company or earn lavishly prefer to stay in high buildings.

Earlier buildings were made up of red bricks. Now, builders opt for the AAC blocks as they are suitable for the environment.

Comparison between AAC blocks and red clay bricks

  • AAC blocks are made up of gypsum, lime, flying ash, water, whereas red clay bricks are made up of clay.
  • The dry density of AAC blocks ranges from 550 to 650 kg/m3, while red bricks dry density is 1800 kg/m3. As the density of AAC blocks is far lesser than the red bricks, the AAC blocks' weight is lesser, allowing them easier to lift.
  • AAC blocks can resist fire for up to 4 hours, while red clay bricks can resist only two hours.
  • AAC blocks have good surface accuracy and require fewer joints as compared to red bricks. That's why in AAC blocks, plaster and cement requirements are less compared to red bricks, which helps save money.
  • AAC blocks have better sound absorption capability as compared to red bricks.
  • AAC blocks emit minimal carbon dioxide as compared to red bricks. So, they are friendly to the environment.
  • AAC blocks are finished, whereas red bricks have terrible finishing quality.
  • AAC blocks have good thermal insulation properties as compared to red bricks.
  • AAC blocks absorb less water in comparison to red bricks.
  • AAC blocks are suitable for non-load bearing structures in a partition wall, whereas red bricks are suitable for load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures in a partition wall.

AAC block supplier in Noida

Well, there is much manufacturing company that provides AAC blocks in Noida. But we need to select the good one out of them.

Reputed AAC block supplier in Noida never compromises on the quality of the product.

They try to make such blocks which will be durable and can resist the natural calamities like earthquake.

Well, during the time of supply, they carefully handle those bricks. They even charge a bit extra during transportation. It is so because the AAC blocks are a bit brittle, i.e., they can easily break.

The block manufacturers in Noida provide 100 percent satisfaction to the customer.


AAC blocks are now entirely in Demand not only in Delhi but also in various other parts of the country. We need to be a bit careful while manufacturing process, transportation, and while handling AAC blocks.


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