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Both the Honda Jazz RS and Mazda 2 Skyactiv have attractive appearances, starting from the choice of wheel shape to the body lines provided. Compared with Honda Jazz, Mazda 2 Skyactiv looks cleaner and has wavy lines.

From the outside, the Honda Jazz looks bigger. In fact, its external dimensions are smaller than Mazda2 SkyActiv. The Honda Jazz RS is 3,955 mm long, 1,695 mm wide, 1,695 mm high and has a 2,530 mm wheelbase.

The Mazda2 SkyActiv is longer and slightly wider, but looks smaller than the Honda Jazz because of its longer hood. At the same time, the Honda Jazz looks bigger because it has a high ceiling and MPV-like hood.

Internal comparison of Honda Jazz and Mazda2

When entering the interior of the Honda Jazz RS, the driver will find the dashboard design identical to the Honda City. But in terms of design, for the Honda Jazz, the owner of this car will reduce the features and reduce the quality of workmanship and dashboard materials used.

Honda jazz drivers will find plastic instrument panels and workmanship like Honda Brio Satya LCGC. It's just that the Honda Jazz's dashboard design looks luxurious and complicated, which makes it feel better.

On the bright side, drivers of the latest Honda Jazz will find its interior to be highly practical. This means that in terms of storage space, cup holders and other conveniences, Mazda 2 can't be found. Also, due to the lightening of the interior space and the intelligence of this excellent seat configuration, it is far from the Mazda 2 SkyActiv.

The driving position of the Honda Jazz RS is very comfortable because it is equipped with tilt and telescopic steering settings, seat belts and seat height adjusters, and very comfortable seats. Likewise, the rear passenger compartment and rear luggage compartment are also very useful.

Entering the interior of the latest Mazda2 SkyActiv, we will find that the dashboard design is very simple, making people feel that it is not a Japanese car. The entire design is air-conditioned and ventilated in a simple, concise and meticulous manner. We can't find scattered buttons

Just like today's classic cars, thanks to the use of MZD Connect, its functions are similar to BMW i-Drive, except that this car has a touch screen.

The quality of workmanship and material selection of this Mazda2 are very good. Even Mazda2 owners seem to be able to improve the standard of their cars in the same class. That's because it already has leather seats with sports patterns and a dashboard with red stitching on the dashboard.

In the Mazda2 GT variant, even though the design of the Honda Jazz RS speedometer is quite futuristic compared to the Toyota Yaris, consumers can also see the head-up display above the speedometer, which makes the Honda Jazz RS speedometer look outdated.

The Mazda2 SkyActiv in the driver's seat is as fun as sitting in Honda Jazz. But Mazda2 SkyActiv is more user-friendly, because its dashboard is not as long as the Honda Jazz, and visibility is better, because we won't find the A-pillars thin enough. A pair of paddle shifts behind the steering wheel and lower seat position make this car more sporty.

If you check the side of the cabin overflow, there is a drawback. Mazda2 drivers will not find a cab as spacious and smart as the Honda Jazz RS. Even the size of Mazda2 SkyActiv is larger. It is still better than its predecessor, and now Mazda2 is more spacious.


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