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Complete Virtual Screening Solutions at BOC Sciences to Unleash Novel Drug Discovery Potential

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New York, United States—May 17, 2022— Today, BOC Sciences released a complete set of virtual screening solutions to help partners maximize the diversity of hits using its ultra-large-scale purchasable compound libraries. As a robust method to identify promising drug candidates, virtual screening services provided by BOC Sciences not only minimize required experimental screening compounds but also compress research cycles to reduce related costs for drug development.


Virtual screening (VS) involves the use of computational methods to analyze large databases or collections of compounds, thus identifying potential hit candidates. VS is a powerful approach to defining novel hits using either ligand-based virtual screening (LBVS, chemical structures of known modulators of the target) or structure-based virtual screening (SBVS, protein structure, or homology model with known/identified binding site) strategies. VS has been reported with a positive rate of 5%-30%. As its number of successful applications to assist drug design grows annually, VS has become the most promising drug development tool.


Virtual screening at BOC Sciences encompasses the utilization of multiple methods such as 3D, structure-based, and ligand-based approaches for preliminary screening, followed by the analysis of hits from each screening, consolidation, and application of data fusion techniques to ensure hit-enrichment. Moreover, through its optimized virtual screening protocols, the size of the chemical library screened experimentally can be reduced, and the risk of failure during lead optimization can be mitigated, leading to innovative hits discovery in a faster and lower-cost manner.


The marketing manager at BOC Sciences said, “We offer access to a vast range of proprietary and virtual compounds which can allow identification of high-value hits and leads for screening programs. Based on our curated library containing millions of commercially available and drug-like compounds, we can virtually screen any targets with a solved 3D structure. More importantly, custom virtual libraries and other commercial sets tailored to specific project needs can also be screened upon request. We always stand with our clients to help unleash their drug discovery potential.”


About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is an innovative organization that continuously assesses, adapts, and accelerates the overall strategy and offers industrial solutions to the most pressing drug development issues. By establishing a series of advanced platforms, BOC Sciences enables the continuous improvement of customers’ development programs. Unique advantages enable its scientists to offer clients the most rapid and efficient drug development services such as custom synthesis, formulation services, analysis & purification services, etc.


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