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Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Added to BOC Sciences Chemical Solutions

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BOC Sciences helps clinicians and researchers to exploit the immense potential of Computer-Aided Drug Discovery in the design and identification of drug molecules and thereby helping the management of fatal diseases.


The recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic poses serious health concerns around the world. The lack of approved drugs or vaccines continues to be a challenge and further necessitates the discovery of new therapeutic molecules. BOC Sciences' Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) has stood out as a powerful tool. 


BOC Sciences highlights two important categories of Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD): the ligand-based as well as structured-based drug discovery. Various techniques involved in structure-based drug design are molecular docking and virtual screening, whereas ligand-based drug design includes pharmacophore modeling, and quantitative structure-activity relationship analysis (QSARs). More advanced technologies are available at its medicinal chemistry center.


BOC Sciences initiated its research on the Computer-Aided Drug Discovery platform long ago, even before the advent of the pandemic. The traditional strategies for discovering new drugs are usually laborious and expensive since the overall process often involves a long cycle and a large number of experiments, in which medical chemists utilize their experience and intuition to decide on a candidate for further development. Instead, CADD can be applied as an effective alternative for the systematic assessment of potential lead candidates before they are synthesized and tested. By offering the comprehensive CADD service package, BOC Sciences can save researchers both time and cost.


“We are competitive among our peers. Customers vote for us with their continuous contracts,” the sales manager of BOC Sciences said, “our CADD platform has made the work of searching new hits in drug discovery, screening many irrelevant compounds at the same time, and studying the structure-activity relationship of drug molecules more quickly and budget-friendly, which is the major driver to our rising popularity.”


He also summarized the core factors that contribute to BOC Sciences' success in CADD development.

  • Industry-standard software and hardware
  • Cutting-edge design concepts and tools
  • An experienced scientific team
  • Close integration with related disciplines
  • Ability to execute patenting strategies


BOC Sciences' CADD has been successful but must be improved by addressing old challenges and facing new ones. The cross-disciplinary team of chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, and microbiologists is still working hard to avoid disappointment and maximize the productivity of CADD.



BOC Sciences specializes in medicinal chemistry to deal with the design, optimization, and development of chemical compounds for use as drugs. It possesses a wealth of experience in screening library construction, lead discovery and optimization, and computer-aided drug discovery.




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