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The inability to get pregnant naturally if you have been trying for some time is heartbreaking. To attain parenthood if you have chosen IVF treatment, and still are unable to get pregnant makes you feel devastated. During the IVF treatment, it is a known fact that a fertilized egg cannot guarantee you a pregnancy. When the embryo gets transferred into the woman's uterus, it needs to implant on the wall of the uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy. In some cases the fertilized egg might fail to hatch and implant, resulting in IVF failure. In such cases, Laser-assisted hatching is an advanced technology is used along with IVF treatment to increase the rate of successful implantation of the embryo. Suppose you are experiencing IVF failure due to unexplained reasons or poor prognosis with IVF treatment, and then the fertility doctor advises you with laser-assisted hatching. The goal of LAH is to overcome all the odds that are preventing implantation or successful pregnancy. GarbhaGudi IVF Centre has fertility specialist doctors who have pioneered with the advanced IVF technology and are always motivating and encouraging you in your IVF journey.  LAH with IVF for you to achieve successful prgnancy! For more information Visit: www.garbhagudi.com Call: 8880000909 Email: dreams@garbhagudi.com


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