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There are many e-commerce websites, and although you believe your business is the best, and you have the most amazing products and services, if they are not visible to potential buyers, then you miss out on sales.

Online, the competition is fierce, because businesses promote themselves, they want to rank high in search engine results. One way to achieve this is through search engine optimization.

However, it is not that simple, because there are various elements that contribute to site optimization, including content developing, keyword analysis, backlinks, and more.

Experts in the field start with SEO site audit, to figure out the current status of the platform, how well it runs, how fast it is, how relevant it is to search engines, and what improvements can be made.

Afterwards, they execute a SEO strategy that increase visibility and attract more relevant traffic.

Why Consider SEO Site Audit

Starting with SEO site audit is highly recommended before taking any action, because during the check-up important information come to the surface, especially to specialists in the field that know how to interpret them.

Search engines value well-maintained and designed platforms that are secure, fast, with a good and friendly interface.

They place them higher in search results. However, websites tend to become heavier over time, with so many codes behind them, and they gradually slow down.

Undergoing SEO audits on a regular basis is strongly recommended, because online businesses can identify their issues and weaknesses, and come up with the right measures.

Practices and algorithms change constantly, and it is very difficult for someone who doesn’t know much about the field to keep up with everything.

It is hard as it is to build an online business from scratch, to find the right market, promote it, and to look into everything related to digital marketing.

Running an audit is a serious process and it involves several tools. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills, then you will not be able to interpret the results and to take the right measures.

This does not mean that you are alone in the process, on the contrary.

You can hire a dedicated digital marketing team within the company, or you can outsource the services to an external agency that will help boost your online presence and improve website traffic.

Enhance Speed and Functionality

To convince more and more users to visit and stay on your website, you must attract them from the first seconds. They should like what they see, the content, the pictures, the menu, and interfaces.

If the website loads fast, is secure, and doesn’t have any bugs or delays, then even better. Search engines love these characteristics, and they grant them better visibility and ranking. This means they put them higher in search results, and this is the dream of all online businesses.

SEO is dynamic and complex, standards and practices change constantly, and for someone inexperienced and without the necessary time and skills, it is almost impossible.

At the end of the day, why go through the trouble? Instead, focus on hiring a SEO agency that provides complete services, starting with the SEO site audit, backlinks, content writing, and much more.

Once you collaborate with a dedicated team from the beginning, you know your website is in good hands.

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Successful and effective keywords

It is hard to establish the most effective keywords that help websites rank high. During an SEO site audit, specialists working in the field will identify the ones that make a difference, how long they should be, and in what structure, to attract the suitable niche.

It also depends on your business, how developed it is, if you are already in the field for some years and built a strong brand, or if you are starting out and you plan to launch the e-commerce website.

Staying ahead of the competition is a difficult task because it is even worse when you see them ranking higher in search engine results, without knowing how they manage it.

Maybe you need to adopt another strategy or you can look into their keywords and what type of content they develop. An SEO site audit identifies top-performing keywords, backlinks, and other valuable information that you can use for your website.


Backlinks are crucial for rankings and search engines use them as signals.

Their authority will have a great impact on your website. If you use quality links, on websites and blogs that are highly rated and relevant, then you will obtain a better ranking.

Back in the days, businesses did not put too much effort into this, because they used guest posts, and anchor texts, but search engine algorithms have become smarter and more intuitive.

In fact, they will apply penalties to websites that use these methods to obtain and use backlinks. It is not worth the trouble, and through an SEO site audit, you can make sure that the ones you use are from a trusted source.

You will find out the low-quality ones that come from spam directories and link farms, and stay away from them. Luckily, specialists in the field have the necessary tools to diagnose this.

Building a Website and Optimizing it

Although there are many methods nowadays to build a website from scratch, it is not enough. Businesses need to promote it, to optimize it so it is visible to search engines and to interested users.

Otherwise, it doesn’t matter the products or services you have in your portfolio, they will not attract the desired audience. Websites must be functional and user-friendly, must convince visitors to stay on the page, and eventually respond to the call-to-action.

Aside from the technical aspect, an SEO agency will analyze the content quality, by determining the keywords that are missing, how valuable and long is the content, meta descriptions, and more.

These might sound from another world, but they are not, especially to SEO experts that deal with the topic on a daily basis. Therefore, always focus on the right team that will make a difference to your online presence.


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