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Connect AirPlay from iPhone to iMac or MacBook

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Apple announced the new macOS Monterey in the recently conducted WWDC 2021. Now the feature that excited us the most is that you have the option of playing AirPlay from iPhone to Macs.

Note: macOS Monterey is still in developer mode. So, if you want to access the new macOS Monterey, you need to have a developer’s account. But if you want to wait, then you can because the stable version of macOS Monterey is coming this fall. So, before the new macOS hits, let’s see how we can AirPlay from iPhone to macOS.

What is AirPlay?

So, if you don’t know what AirPlay is, then we are here, don’t worry. AirPlay is Apple’s wireless protocol. It is a feature that allows you to cast your iPhone screen wirelessly on any other Apple device. AirPlay can work over different connections like mobile data, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. But it is recommended if you want a stable connection, then all the devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Before the new macOS Monterey, AirPlay could only connect to devices like Apple Tv and HomePod. But now, Macs can become receivers for AirPlay too.

AirPlay Privacy Setting:

AirPlay default setting is for the same Apple ID and can play on only that one Mac. But if you want your friend’s family iPhone to cast on your Mac. Then you will need to change the AirPlay privacy settings.

If you want to change the privacy settings, follow these steps:

Open your MacBook or iMac and then press Cmd+Space to open Spotlight search. The next thing you want to do is type AirPlay in the search bar. And then, when it appears in the dropdown menu, click on sharing.

You will find the Airplay receiver tab at the bottom of your screen under the sharing menu, and there you will find Allow AirPlay with three options.

  • Everyone
  • Current User
  • Anyone on the Same network

It might be set for the current user by default. You should change it to everyone, and then you can cast from any iPhone on your macOS.

How to AirPlay from iPhone to Mac?

Note: AirPlay only works with a few apps. To show you this method, we will use Apple Photos to cast it through AirPlay from iPhone to MacBook Air. Just follow the steps given below with us, and you will be able to do this easily:

  • Firstly, open your iPhone and open the Apple photos app. Then just tap on the share icon and click on that. Then scroll down a little and tap on the AirPlay. After that, AirPlay will show you options of devices nearby that can receive AirPlay. In our case, we took the MacBook Air. Now just tap on the device and initiate the AirPlay connection.
  • Due to some reason, you don’t see your Mac device nearby. Just make sure you are logged in through the same Apple ID.
  • The next thing you have to do is just accept the request on your MacBook Air to establish a connection. After that, enter the one-time PIN on your iPhone, and it’s done. Now you can cast your iPhone on your macOS devices.

Limitation of AirPlay on Mac:

There are a couple of limitations to AirPlay that we thought we should bring to your attention.

  • Once your MacBook or iMac is connected to AirPlay, you cannot perform any other task on those devices.
  • The playback can only be controlled from iPhone and not from your Mac devices.


Now with the launch of iOS 15 and macOS, Monterey Apple is expanding its ecosystem and reaching even more. There are many more things coming so, have a lookout.

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