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Conquer the real estate industry with this robust Zillow clone app

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The real estate business has never been the same since the introduction of Zillow. The real estate industry is one of the most important revenue-generating markets globally, and apps like Zillow have changed how real estate dealings are done. The app allows users to look for real estates irrespective of the region they live in, allowing them to research and study infinite listings while being hundreds of thousands of miles away from it.

Benefits of having a Zillow clone :

Users can now browse through a plethora of listings at the click of a button without having to go there physically. It is now much easier to study sites with images, videos and descriptions of the real estate units. Managing and selling are also now much easier with Zillow’s versatile features. The app has no limitations as users can get almost any information they want by directly contacting the owner. The app also provides users with multiple revenue streams through this app and increased customer interaction. 

Why you need the Zillow clone app: 

  • Infinite listings 

Users can browse through a never-ending list of real estate options suitable for them. The app shows results that can be ordered and unfiltered, providing the users full access to all listings related to their search terms. 

  • Location-based search

Searches are sorted based on the location and a specific radius around the location. The app sorts the listings based on relevancy, distance or price from there.

  • Virtual tours 

With the implementation of new technologies like AR and VR, users can have a better experience of visiting their listings and use them to make informed decisions.

  • Smart listings

Listings contain several images and videos of the site, along with a detailed description covering most information related to it.

  • Multiple languages 

Users from different areas can comfortably browse the Zillow clone app's listings with automatic translation and multilingual features.

That’s not all,

You can add more features to the app and customize it to its full potential once you get your Zillow clone from Turnkeytown. Don’t wait for your competition to get ahead of you! Get in touch with us and collect your Zillow clone today.


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