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Wildlife sanctuaries are made to protect and conserve animals from extinction. Trained forest guides and veterans are provided to track and treat the animals to reside peacefully in that oriented zone supplied to them. India has many national parks, which draw the attention of many tourists is the Gir National Park. “Online Gir Safari Booking Now”. 

The park is the Asiatic Lions’ sole home, followed by other animals like Hyena, Indian Jackal Sambar Deer, reptiles, and other animals, including the omnipotent birdlife. Opt for Gir safari to click the best pictures of these animals on your bare eyes. Before that, you have to obtain tickets by Gir Safari Booking in advance online.

A piece of deplorable news that went viral on the web is the unnatural deaths of the lions due to the Canine disease’s bout of illness and other life-threatening issues caused by humans -the only predators of animals. Opt for Gir Online Bookingto enter the enthralling park. Relocating of the lions also aid to cope up with the problems as described below-

  • Open wells in the Gir Forest And its surroundings

Open wells always serve a danger of life-threatening role in the Gir forest. In altogether, there are 50,000 open wells in the entire Gir Vicinity. Among them, 10000 are still available, which poses drowning cases of the lions every day. In the arrival of the new year, a lioness drowned in the well after crawling hard throughout the night to save herself. This shows the irresponsibility and the casual attitude of the forest guards toward the animals.

  • Lions deaths on Railway tracks or by trains 

We often read of lion’s death on railway tracks in newspapers; this is due to humans’ unconsciousness towards wildlife. Every day around 20 trains run through the Sasan Gir area during the night time. This triggers risk for lions or the big cats, incidents of hitting lions by the train are pretty standard. Above 100 Lions or the little cubs have become permanent residents of this area and often come to cross the tracks, which is a potential threat to their life.

  • Illegal Electric Fencing may injure the lions

Illegal fencing violates India’s wildlife acts, leading to three years of imprisonment once caught by the state authority. There are many incidents of electrification of lions, and their death occurs in the Gir Forest. The lenient treatment of these electrocutions of lions by the state authority depresses many of the wildlife lovers.

Mostly the farmers living in the Sasan Gir are responsible for these incidents. They construct the electric fencing to get rid of the lions that enter the villages to feed their cattle or destroy their crops. The state government should take better initiatives to keep both the farmers’ crops and the wild beast safe.

Thus, strict actions should be taken by the forest department to stop those acts and save the wild beasts who are already on the list of endangered. Some NGOs or other social workers are constantly working to put up these incidents on social media to make people aware of such disheartening threats and drive their attention to save the last refugees of Asiatic Lions in Gir National Park.


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