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Wheelchair is an important assisted device for people dealing with mobility issues. It allows them to remain mobile and live an active lifestyle. You will be surprised to know that around 2 million people start using wheelchair every year. Since so many people rely on this essential device for their mobility goals, it is crucial that wheelchair owners know all about its maintenance and care requirements so that they can continue to use it without any trouble. As you might be aware, wheels are the most important part of a wheelchair. You can somehow manage a sagging seat or a busted footrest, but you cannot use your wheelchair if the wheels are broken or damaged.

As much as wheels are important, we should know that it is wheelchair bearings that actually keep the wheels together and functional. For instance, the wheelchair castors stay in place because of the bearings. Since bearings play such a key role in a wheelchair, we must know when they are getting worn out or rusted. The good news is, when your wheelchair bearings become old or damaged, you can contact Living Spinal to get new bearings and wheels. Living Spinal’s aim is to help people remain mobile through its mobility equipment and devices. But, when should you contact Living Spinal for replacing your wheelchair bearings? Let’s find out.

You’re Struggling To Push The Wheelchair

You use your wheelchair every day. You know it better than anybody else in terms of functionality. If you can notice a difference in its performance, then chances are there is a problem in your wheelchair. If you are finding it difficult to move your wheelchair, it could be that its bearings have become old and needs to be replaced.

You Can Notice A Difference In Its Agility

Anyone who starts using a wheelchair for the first time, he/she straightway realizes how much upper body strength is required to use a wheelchair. However, after some months, our body gets used to the demands of moving a wheelchair. So, if you can feel that your wheelchair is struggling to do what you have been making it do for years, such as turn around tight corners or move over different types of terrain, it is a sign its bearings have become old and need to be changed.

Your Wheelchair Is Making Noises

Not just wheelchair, when any mobility device starts producing screeching or squeaking noise, it is an indication of a serious issue that needs to be addressed. If we talk about wheelchairs, it means the wheels need to be checked. And since bearings play a key role in making wheels work properly, you should check whether they need to be changed or not.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, you should consider getting new bearings for your wheelchair. At Living Spinal, you can buy different types of wheels, including SUMO wheelchair wheels as well. Apart from wheels, you can also buy seat cushions, tires, tubes, wheel parts, nearly everything related to wheelchair.

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