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The James Bond movie “Diamonds are Forever” has the apt name because diamonds are indeed forever. Whether it is a woman or a man, everyone gets dazzled by diamonds. These colorless gemstones have cause women to swoon and men to fight and kill and yet, there has been no lack of demand for diamonds. If you want to buy diamonds, then it is a great idea to buy loose diamond wholesale. Don’t worry, even when you buy cheap loose diamonds, you will not be paying peanuts – these gemstones are expensive. The only benefit that you get is a relative price benefit but that is also a lot.


The diamond industry is a closely connected one that tightly controls the number of diamonds that get released in the market. This is why you will never find the market flooded with diamonds. The idea is to keep both the demand and the price of diamonds high and the industry has done excellently well on both these counts. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot buy cheap loose diamonds. These stones are available across online and offline stores and you can easily find someone who offers loose diamond wholesale. It is up to you to ensure that the quality of the stones is good and then make your purchase.


Even when you are looking to buy loose diamond wholesale, you have to keep the diamond 4cs chart in mind. The 4cs, as anyone associated with the diamond industry will know, are Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. For your benefit, here are the brief descriptions of the 4Cs.



The best diamonds have no color or hue and can be associated with a drop of water. The color of a diamond ranges from D to Z where D is colorless (and the most expensive) and Z is lightly colored (and the least expensive). The difference in color may not be clear to the naked eye, but when you intend to buy cheap loose diamonds, the difference in color makes for a difference in price.



Every natural diamond has “inclusions” or internal characteristics and “blemishes” or external characteristics. The number, relief, size, nature and positioning of these characteristics determines the clarity of diamonds. There is no natural diamond that is perfect, but the closer a stone is to perfection, more is its price. There are 11 grades of clarity of diamonds and you should know about them.



Experts who cut diamonds are simply superb – they are able to cut and polish the diamonds so that it emits the maximum amount of light. The cut of a diamond depends on its fire, brightness and scintillation.



1 carat is equal to 200mg and the more the carat of a diamond, more is its price. Diamonds with larger carat values are rarer and this is why they are more expensive.


Even when you look for cheap loose diamonds, you shouldn’t forget these four points. This is when you get the best value from buying loose diamond wholesale.


If you are looking to buy loose Lab grown diamonds wholesale, make sure you don’t compromise on the quality. The 4 cs of diamonds have to be considered when buying cheap loose diamonds.





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