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  1. Pre-Registration Of Visitors

Pre-registering guests was an option prior to Covid-19 for minimizing waits at the reception. It is now a must. Your front desk employees may pre-register visitors with the correct visitor management solution. This is vital for minimizing lobby congestion, avoiding needless human interaction, and speeding up the whole check-in/out procedure for guests and staff.

Your company might also opt to reschedule visits based on the occupancy level in the workplace. The program may also send calendar invites with visit details to the host and guest by pre-registering visitors (s).

  1. Touchless Check-In

Most businesses throughout the world do not have touchless technologies on their premises. To enter the office, 96 percent of employees still need to touch equipment and surfaces such as door handles, elevator buttons, sign-in kiosks or devices, and access control systems such as keypads.

Customers, contractors, interview candidates, and others may sign in with a shared QR code using their smartphone by using visitor management software that supports contactless operations. Furthermore, touch-free visitor management software is critical for fostering a sense of security and comfort in employees and guests when they approach the company premises.

  1. Controlling Occupancy Levels

Healthcare digital solutions must also guarantee that the number of visitors at a workplace does not exceed the limit set by the employer. In reality, facility management can limit visitation to those who have pre-registered. Furthermore, visitor management software can alert concerned office wings to avoid premature extra check-ins and workplace congestion.

  1. Health Examination

Conducting frequent temperature monitoring is now an important part of safeguarding employee safety in the workplace. Ensure that your visitor management solution supports contactless temperature detection technologies or interacts with thermal scanners across the office to restrict admission to guests who do not meet the required requirements.

Alternatively, you can distribute health surveys to guests while they are being pre-registered. Depending on the replies, the visitor control software from the best branding company in Dubai can grant or deny authorization.

  1. Contact Retrieval

If you receive notification that a visitor developed the virus after leaving your office, the company must locate and confine all employees who had contact with the visitor. Furthermore, the visitor-occupied spaces must be emptied, disinfected, and separated for a set period of time.

A digital healthcare platform can monitor your visitors' on-premise activity and assist your staff in taking appropriate action. Furthermore, because you have data on the time-stamped activities of the visitor and other employees who were in their vicinity, you can precisely take the required actions to prevent the infection from spreading further.

Now It's Your Turn.

With companies once again embracing employees, it is critical to invest in a workplace technology solution that ensures employee safety.

With Black Or White Concepts, you can take advantage of a variety of simple and intuitive visitor management software that allows for contactless guest registration through QR-code-based Digi-pass. Utilize extensive insights regarding your office visitors, do routine temperature checks, and digitally register visitor temps at entrance points to maintain a safe and healthy business environment. Check out our whole array of visitor management solution right now.



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