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Recent I approached a red light, where a man in shabby clothing stood with a three legged dog at his side. While I waited for my light to turn green, I looked on this scene and felt a sense of compassion. I also wanted to do something. He was clearly homeless, as indicated by the sign he carried. They said he was an impressive young man and that there were many job opportunities. Why should people give money to those who can work? The people in my car showed a mild disdain for the man who was soliciting money and whom they thought “should” be employed. I was thinking about him, and how he fed and cared for this dog. I rolled the window down and gave him a few dollars, for which he was extremely grateful.

Mother Teresa's words came to mind as my companions in the car scolded and scolded for being a fool for allowing him to beg. In the end, everything is between you, God and those people. It was never between them and you.” This was not about me, my friends or the homeless man. It was between God, and myself. I felt a strong urge to give a man and his dog some love and money. This “something” was an instant of soul-searching.

Spirituality and physicality are not separate dimensions in my view. Spiritual practice is a way to make my life more efficient and receive guidance on how to solve my problems. This is done by following a few basic, simple practices.

Surrendering is perhaps the hardest thing I have to do. When I surrender, I think something like: I don't know how to solve this problem and I am giving it to the same force I give my body to every night before I sleep. This invisible part of me is what I trust to keep my heart pounding, my blood flowing, etc.

To find spiritual solutions, I must convert my inner thoughts and emotions from discord to harmony. I silently chant “I invite all to the highest good now.” In the spirit surrender and love. I see anger, hate and discord as invitations for surrender and love. This understanding allows me to let spirit manifest and work through my body.

I believe that my spirit and the infinite are inseparable. Being in touch with my infinite self helps me to recognize spiritual solutions. My awareness of my infinite self is a great way to put everything in perspective.

To solve problems, I cultivate an empty mind. In this space, I listen and have faith in myself that I will be guided to a resolution. I let go my preconceived notions about how to resolve a problem nurturing the soul.

To me, finding spiritual solutions to life's challenges always requires generosity and gratitude. This means that I am grateful to have the chance to live my life according to my soul's purpose. I believe I receive back from the universe what I give out, both physically and in terms of thoughts. Spiritual practices are those that encourage being grateful and generous with both thoughts and actions .

Spiritual solutions can be found by cultivating a sense that you are connected to everything and everyone. When I consider myself connected, I don't look for reasons to be offended and to judge. I do not see anyone as an enemy or obstacle. It is through this process that I can stop negative self-talk, and instead connect with the solutions available to me. When I am feeling down, I affirm: “I hear nothing, see nothing and know nothing apart from myself.”

I use my current level of cheerfulness to gauge how spiritually aware I am. The more I feel cheerful, happy and contented the more I'm aware of my spiritual connection. Does this mean that I am suggesting you give money to anyone who asks for it? No. Next time someone asks for money, I suggest that you look at the situation as a conversation between yourself and your spiritual awareness – between God and you. Consult your spirit and, if it feels like you do not want to give money, then don't. Instead of letting anger and judgment take over, give a silent blessing to the person from the part that is part of them. It is a way to consult your soul.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is a well-known and respected person in the self-empowerment field. His fans call him the “father” of motivation. His bestselling book Your Erroneous Areas made him a famous author. He has since written many self-help classics including Meditations for Manifesting and Staying on The Path.


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