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The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) altered the business landscape. American federal government developed and implemented new rules to keep people safe. The disease claims more lives every day on a global scale. Scientists are yet to come up with a comprehensive breakthrough to stop COVID-19. Social distancing and taking preventive measures can control infection. Contact tracing services are vital during this situation. It helps treatment centers, business houses, and offices to track employees’ health conditions. It is possible to control the spread of Coronavirus with this process.

Importance of HIPAA-Registered Healthcare BPO Agencies

Many COVID-19 positive patients do not suffer from the common signs. These asymptomatic patients can transfer the disease to healthy individuals. So, it is imperative to detect, isolate, and treat such people as soon as possible. Here, healthcare calling agencies play a pivotal role. Only HIPAA-registered organizations have access to the necessary infrastructure and tools to provide contact tracing services. Local authorities, companies, and healthcare sectors can hire these agencies to keep their employees safe during the pandemic.

Effective Facilities for Clients

Detect Suspected Patients – Medical professionals and clinical tests can detect COVID-19 positive patients. It is rather challenging to pinpoint asymptomatic disease carriers. The medical call centers can monitor the health of every individual in the company. They keep detailed records and evaluate these regularly. The call center agents can establish a connection with suspected and infected patients promptly and offer sound guidance.

Eliminate Health Risks – Ignoring the symptoms can pave the path for fatality. With contact tracing services, patients can eliminate such risks. It is the responsibility of the call center executives to maintain consistent communication with patients. Professionals can send patients’ details to healthcare workers. It triggers rapid action that can save an individual’s life.

Dissemination of Information – Though the federal government encourages people to follow protective codes, many can deviate from this path. Healthcare call center executives educated people about social distancing rules. They also shed light on the importance of wearing facemasks and frequent hand sanitization. Such details can prevent contraction and spread of Coronavirus.

Protect Patients’ Identity – Fear of this disease triggers people to isolate the patient socially. One must refrain from such inhuman practices. COVID-19 positive patients fear stigmatization and societal isolation. The HIPAA- registered agencies, which provide contact tracing services, safeguard patients’ confidential details.

Do you want to keep your employees safe from COVID-19? Your actions can stop the disease from spreading. The contact tracing organizations will help in this honorable quest.


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