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Sri Lanka, with its long history of royalty and kingdoms, has had jewellery at the forefront since the time before Vijaya’s landing on the shores of the country. Ancient scripts mention that the Yaksha and Naga clans that inhabited the island before the arrival of Vijaya, used precious metals and minerals to create jewellery and other items for themselves.

Sri Lanka has been a country rich in precious metals and minerals, gems and the creative arts of its people, from the time of the old kings who ruled the country, and they have used these to create jewellery for the country’s royalty and the highest of nobility. In ancient times, jewellery had been designed for every part of the body, from the head to a person’s toes, and the different designs and materials used distinguished the nobles from the common folk. While Gold jewellery was reserved for use by royalty and other noblemen and women, Silver and Copper jewellery was used by other people.

There are also ancient records of a gold mine found during the reign of King Dutugemunu which further confirms how rich Sri Lanka has been, and still is, when it comes to natural resources.

While in ancient times jewellery symbolised wealth, power and a family’s standing in society, these days jewellery is worn to enhance a person’s outfit and to make oneself beautiful. In recent years jewellery has evolved from precious metals to everyday natural products such as string, wool, wood, shells etc, using everyday objects found in the environment to create exquisite pieces of adornment for both men and women.

Wearing beautiful jewellery makes us feel attractive and special, increasing one’s self-esteem, and one of the main reasons for wearing jewellery. In addition, the right jewellery can enhance an outfit, making a dull simple outfit look elegant and glamourous with just a few additions such as a necklace and earrings, or a brooch.

There are many jewellery designers in Sri Lanka, who have put their creative skills into making elegant, intricate pieces of jewellery that are sure to razzle and dazzle anyone. You can find these designers of jewellery online in Sri Lanka as well as find their products in many retail stores. However, here are a few notable designers who seem to have made their mark in the industry.

  • Be Dazzle – Dhammi’s handmade jewellery such as tassel earrings, shell necklaces and even key tags designed to island styles and colours are sure to attract your attention. Be Dazzle also creates epoxy made jewellery sets and many other items that are sure to ‘dazzle’ you. The Be Dazzle collection can be viewed on their Facebook page.
  • AMMA – Knitted jewellery, handmade by AMMA, an organisation that employs rural women providing them with a means of earning an income for their families, while still being able to be there for their children. You can learn their story and buy AMMA jewellery online in Sri Lanka through their website.
  • Two Dots – Two Dots is owned by Lizzie who lives in Unawatuna and fell in love with Sri Lanka as soon as she arrived here. She creates intricate pieces of jewellery inspired by island life, and her creations can be found both on her website as well as at many retail stores.
  • CShapes – CShapes create their unique pieces of contemporary jewellery from waste materials such as paper, pencils and copper tubes from old refrigerators. They are not only creating exquisite designer jewellery but are also cleaning up the environment at the same time.
  • Ratha – Ratha uses environmentally friendly, locally sourced clay and non-toxic paint to create their terracotta collection of jewellery, which are also packed in recycled paper packaging, and are available at the Good Market.
  • Pure Passion – Pure Passion creates intricate pieces of jewellery combining oxidised and polished sterling silver, brass, lacquered metals, as well as wooden beads and leather, bringing a collection of elegant jewellery that enhances your looks.
  • Earth Galore – Earth Galore produces handcrafted eco friendly jewellery, mainly earrings and necklaces, that are available through their Instagram page, and also make customised jewellery according to individual requirements.
  • Leap – Mihiri creates her designer pieces of jewellery from gems, glass, shells, corral and wood, together with precious metals such as silver and gold. These pieces are not designed using cut and polished materials, but rather irregular and natural shaped materials.

These, and so many more designers of contemporary jewellery are available at leading retail stores in Colombo and other main cities around the island. You can find individual pieces of jewellery as well as Jewellery Sets Online In Sri Lanka made by these designers at very attractive prices.


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