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Content writing is becoming a viable tool in digital marketing strategy these days. Businesses are focusing more and more on producing great content of all types at a rapid rate. But the question comes down to how to write good content that your audience can find and open. If your content remains undiscovered, there is no point in writing it. That's why content optimisation has become so important for businesses. But for that, you need to write content that engages.

What is a Good Content Strategy?

Anyone can write a piece of text, but the key is to write original content that resonates with your audience, and they are compelled to read it. Doing an intensive amount of research before content writing is crucial to understanding your audience's needs and give them exactly that.

Once you get a good idea about what you have to write, then comes the actual part- Content Optimisation. It is the process of ensuring that your content is executed in the right way to reach your audience. It includes adding keywords, meta, title tags and link building. The right keyword density and weightage also matter, meaning there is no need to add one keyword repeatedly. The ideal keyword density is around 1-2%.

Also, B2B marketers consider a documented content strategy a key pointer of content marketing success.

Source: [Content Marketing Institute]

How is it connected to a successful SEO?

‘If you are trying to grow your qualified search traffic, you have to combine your content marketing with your SEO efforts.’ Neil Patel


SEO begins and ends with good content writing. SEO content writing means writing content in such a way that it starts to rank higher for the keywords searches. It is done by adding keywords in the title and then start placing them in your content strategically. An ideal content is optimised for search engines and humans.

Here is how good content can help with your SEO strategy:

  • When content is good and connects with your audience, they engage in your posts and share the links on their social media. Google sees these actions as social validation and uses this to rank your links.
  • Quality content gives Google something to rank and tells it which keywords and search terms it should be ranked for.
  • People stay for a long while on your website, letting Google know that it is relevant content that should be ranked higher.
  • Organic rankings achieved by quality content will last longer and attract more traffic than inorganically ranked content with poor quality.

How Link Building is an integral part of SEO and Good Content

Link building in SEO is getting different relevant websites to link back to your own content or website. The more inbound links you get from credible and relevant websites, the higher you will rank on search engine results.

Along with high-quality content and keywords optimisation, link building is another cornerstone of SEO. According to a Good Search Quality Strategies survey,  the two crucial parts of ranking a website in search engine page results (SERPs) are Link Building and Good Content.


Link building via good content like guest posting or blogging is one of the recognised off-page SEO strategies that can increase organic traffic to your site.


Search engines crawl through the internet, and they examine all the links between each site, which helps them identify popular and trustworthy sites. Suppose a search engine has indexed your website. In that case, it determines the required quality on multiple factors, including how many links it has on external websites and whether those external links are legit. Then they check whether the website has good quality content written on it and has all the necessary keywords. It will consider your site trustworthy and relevant, and places it on the top of the search engine page results (SERPs).

How Good Content can Boost Your Business and its Marketing Strategy

Suppose you are starting an online business of food delivery service, you will write compelling texts telling your target audience how it can save their time and hassle of cooking meals at home. You can write blogs and articles about it and incorporate the keywords that people usually search for. What if they like the content so much that they share it with their friends and other people in their social network. It will enhance your traffic, and eventually, your business will grow too.

 All in all, the goal of content writing for a digital marketing strategy is to provide relevant information to your potential customers, increase traffic on your page, and generate conversions. It also optimises your content in a way to enhance your visibility in search engines. That is how high-quality content writing services help you with your SEO and Link Building Strategy.

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