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Do you want to spend your British weekend specially? What about picking up a cheap car hire Cornwall and enjoying an incredible road trip? Yes, Cornwall is a great place to hire a car and hit the road, although it is not a typical weekend or holiday destination. A hire car will give you freedom of movement and will allow you to get to the most secret places. 

However, what to see and where to go in Cornwall? Unfortunately, it doesn’t have such famous places as London or Edinburgh has. This place offers something different – it will amaze you with its unique atmosphere of relaxation. 

Cornwall is one of the most picturesque regions in the UK. Its long sandy beaches, steep jagged cliffs covered in lush greenery, and dramatic coastline offer you a long list of things to see and do. And if you hire a car, this list will be even wider. 

So, in case you're looking to spend a weekend in Cornwall, here are some great places to explore on your trip…


As the capital of Cornwall, Truro is a great place to start your tour of the region. It’s the largest city in Cornwall and the southernmost city in England. Among its highlights are the 1880 Gothic cathedral and the Royal Cornwall Museum. Also, Truro is a good choice for shoppers. 

When you get hungry, head to one of the nearest authentic cafes. If you're still a fan of proven food options, visit Starbucks or buy ready-made meals at Marks and Spencer.


St Ives 

Another unique city in Cornwall is St Ives. It’s a paradise for surfers and art lovers who appreciate its wide sandy beaches and the iconic Tate St Ives art gallery. 

If you compare all the cities and towns of Cornwall, then this is the best place to stay. The city is popular with tourists because of the abundance of hotels, restaurants, and shops. St Ives is also famous for the kiosks where you can spend all your money on handmade souvenirs. 

The city surroundings are no less interesting. 20 miles south of St Ives you will find the Minack Theatre, a unique open-air theater hidden in the rocks.


Lost Gardens of Heligan and Land's End 

The fabulous garden, leading its history from the 18th century, impresses even experienced travellers. Its forest paths hide sleeping nymphs and elves with perky grass hairdos. 

Yes, this place looks truly fabulous. It provides a collection of ancient rhododendrons, primeval tree ferns and hosts the UK's only pineapple growing pit. To get started with this amazing sight, walk through the Lost Valley and make your way through the green labyrinths of dense vegetation. The incredible beauty of virgin nature makes you take landscape pictures again and again. 

After a short photo tour, head to another unique place. 60 miles from the Lost Gardens of Heligan you will find Land’s End, the westernmost point in the UK. Here the road ends, and only the raging waves of the Atlantic Ocean and a sense of freedom await you ahead.



The village of Tintagel is a popular tourist destination, rich in Arthurian legends, ancient buildings, and the beautiful Atlantic coastline views. The village’s name appears in the legends of King Arthur and Camelot, which is the main thing that attracts tourists from all over the world. 

The village still keeps the ruins of the 12th-century castle and thereby confirms the centuries-old history of Tintagel. Also, it’s famous as the burial place of one of King Arthur’s knights and Queen Isolde. 

In addition to King Arthur's castle, St. Materiana’s Church, Merlin’s Cave, and the Hall of Chivalry are among the places you can explore. Plus, don't forget to visit souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants for an even greater experience. 


Polzeath Beach 

Many consider Cornwall as an outstanding surfing destination. You can verify this by visiting Polzeath Beach. 

This beach is one of the four best places for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Its unique location and special underwater conditions cause huge waves at any time of the year. Unfortunately, this beach is not suitable for swimming with small children. It's all about the strong current that runs next to this picturesque coast. Even not all adults can cope with it. 

However, Polzeath Beach is still a great place for active travellers. If you want to stay here a little longer than planned, choose the Edge Beach Hotel. Located 300 meters from the beach, this is the only suitable lodging option. The main advantage of this hotel is the huge windows overlooking the bay and balconies offering an amazing sea view.



The Boscastle village is a picturesque place on the shore of the harbor. It’s a popular tourist destination for a variety of reasons. You can visit, for example, the Museum of Witchcraft full of amazing exhibits. More traditional local attractions include the Pottery Museum, several gift shops, and the Riverside Restaurant. Plus, Bottreaux Castle rises in the Upper part of the village. 

By the way, the landscapes around the village are no less attractive. The Penally and Willapark hills form two headlands that offer a beautiful view of the rocky coast around Boscastle. Also, the village has a small port from which you can start a boat trip down the coast.

On a final note, Cornwall is the right place for your next vacation. It features mild climatic conditions, which provide exciting beach adventures in the warmer months. However, it’s also a perfect place for a winter or autumn break when you can devote a trip to sightseeing. 

In short, Cornwall is ready to please you with an outstanding holiday at any time of the year! So, start planning your trip as soon as you can.



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