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Cost & Timeline For Rebranding

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How Much Does Rebranding Cost and How Long Does It Take?
When clients consider rebranding, two questions often arise: “How much does rebranding cost?” and “How long will it take to rebrand?” For small businesses, the investment typically ranges between INR 10-20 lakhs. Studies indicate that the average B2B business allocates about 5 percent of its revenue to marketing, with an average rebrand costing between 10 and 20 percent of the marketing budget.
Before providing solutions, it is crucial to understand the client's problems and background to strategize a way forward. We ask targeted questions to determine the best rebranding approach for your business. The cost of rebranding depends on the touch points most critical to your organization. For example, a small business that relies heavily on brochures should invest more in that area compared to its website.
Small Company vs. Big Company Dilemma
If you operate a small company, you might think the rebranding exercise will be cheaper. The answer is both yes and no. If the small company has a clear business model and focused approach, the rebranding exercise will cost less. However, the cost is more influenced by the nature and complexity of the business rather than its size or revenue.
Smaller companies often face more significant challenges due to ambitious goals and complex requirements. They may not fully understand customer perceptions or competitive landscapes, making branding more challenging and research-intensive. On the other hand, large companies typically have ample data and well-defined positioning, simplifying their rebranding needs. However, they may face challenges if they have multiple brands or a complex business nature.
In conclusion, company size or revenue does not determine the cost of rebranding; the business's nature and complexity do. Here are broad categories to help estimate the scope of work, which can be adjusted based on the company's requirements.
Brand Refresh
Budget: INR 4-8 lakhs Timeline: 3-4 months
The most common form of rebranding is a brand refresh, typically including the following elements:
  • Brand Discovery
  • Visual Identity
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Website
  • Copywriting
  • Photography/Renders
The project begins with brand discovery, which involves understanding your business, its unique qualities, and how its values are presented to users. We then move on to visual identity, bringing your brand to life.
The variance in branding cost depends on the website and user segment complexity. A wide variety of segments, such as urban tech developers and rural populations, can increase costs. The website's complexity, whether a static brochure or a sophisticated lead generation tool, also affects the cost and timeline. High-quality custom renders or photography further influence the budget.
How to Choose the Right Branding Partner?
Choosing the right branding partner is a crucial step often overlooked. The best partner is usually one that aligns closely with your organization or department.
Scenario 1: A Fortune 500 company needing a global brand overhaul should choose a large agency with a similar global presence and a large employee base (40 or more).
Scenario 2: For a Fortune 500 company rebranding a specific product quickly, a smaller, more nimble boutique agency may be the right choice. These agencies are specialized and can prioritize your project.
Scenario 3: A small to medium-sized enterprise with regional offices or a focused sales geography may benefit from a boutique agency. These agencies offer access to top talent and senior-level staff, ensuring high-quality results.
In each scenario, partnering with a branding agency in India can provide the expertise and creativity needed to achieve your rebranding goals effectively.


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