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Find out how logistic mobile app and transportation app solution will benefit your transportation business & help improve your logistics business significantly.

Are you a logistics operator? Are you tired of situations when your driver calls midway to tell you that the truck has broken down or the customer repeatedly calls to ask about the consignment’s whereabouts? Many other such situations are also faced by logistics operators all over the world. A logistics app might prove to be a great helping hand to you.

The global logistics market is expected to reach a size of $12.25 trillion by the year 2025. The exponential growth of the e-commerce industry is one of the most important factors driving the growth of the logistics industry. Better internet penetration and a rising middle class in the developing nations are the other factors fuelling the growth of the logistics sector.

As an efficient mobile app development company, we can say that a mobile app can give you much better visibility for your logistics business. It can ensure that your trucks always go with optimum truckloads, track your drivers’ location, update you if the driver is driving rash, and assure you that the maintenance of your trucks is done timely. All these activities will eventually contribute to making your business hassle-free.

Top Benefits of logistic mobile app for your transportation business

A mobile app can help you improve your logistics business significantly. Let us have a look at the various benefits of having a logistics application for your business.

🔹 A better image in the market

By building a dedicated mobile app for your transportation or logistic business, you will improve the presence of your company in the market. Today’s customers like technology-enabled solutions and services, and having an app will put a loud and clear message that your company is tech-savvy.

🔹 Improved Customer Service

An app allows your customers to track their shipments easily and helps you to complete every order delivery on-time; hence, it improves your brand image in the market. By providing an efficient parcel tracking mechanism, you can enhance the customer experience. This is just one of the aspects there are many other benefits too, of having a customized logistic app developed based on your business requirements.

🔹 Stay worry-free in fleet management.

Fleet management can prove to be a headache, especially if you have a large fleet. A mobile app can provide you with real-time updates on your fleet’s status, allowing you to manage your fleet efficiently.

A simple tap on the mobile app will reveal the driver’s location, estimated time to deliver the goods, and other important details. If something pops up immediately, you could even instruct the driver on the app to act accordingly. On-demand app optimization techniques can also help you customize the logistic application as per your need

🔹 Less Paperwork

Having mobile applications for businesses save a lot of paper contributing to saving Mother Nature.

Different Types of mobile apps for Logistics Company

There are different types of mobile apps that your app development partner can build depending on the logistics and transportation business processes and requirements.

🔹 Fleet Management App

In the fleet management app, the data related to the entire fleet is stored in the app. The app helps in co-coordinating the vast fleet of a logistics company scattered across various geographies.

Using the app, the logistics manager can know the exact status of any vehicle in the fleet in real-time. The fleet management app boosts productivity by enabling the management to make decisions quickly.

🔹 Logistics on-demand app

The on-demand app model has come to the limelight after the success of Uber. A logistics on-demand app will allow the customers to book their freight carrier directly from the app. An on-demand app saves time for the customer and the freight carrier, and it also helps in minimizing errors.

🔹 Warehouse Management Apps

The warehouse mobile apps store data related to the products stored in the warehouse of a logistics company before they are loaded on the vehicles. Wrong delivery is a headache that no logistics company wants. It spoils the reputation of the company, makes customers angry, management frustrated, and contributes negatively to the bottom-line of the company; a well-designed logistics warehouse app can save you all this trouble and make the process smooth.

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How much does On-demand Logistics App Development Costs?

The cost of building a mobile app depends on the type and number of features that you want to add to your app. The more complex features you add in the app will require more developing hours, which will lead to a consequent rise in the cost associated with the development of the app.

Another critical factor affecting the cost of a mobile app is the mobile app development company’s location. For instance, if you are getting your app developed from the USA, you will have to shell out 3-4 times more than the development cost in India.

It would help if you also considered other charges like app maintenance, updating, marketing, and the cost of testing the app. Nevertheless, you should also follow some tips to avoid hidden app development costs.

Some famous companies having their own logistics app

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