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Costa Polarized Sunglasses – The Ultimate Fishing Sunglasses made for Serious Anglers

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In 1983, a group hardcore fishermen who had spent the day exploring the world and fighting extreme elements realized that the sunglasses on which they relied weren't quite as tough as their adventures. They wanted to see the world with absolute clarity, and protect their eyes. When they couldn't locate any sunglasses that were worth their money, they decided to make their own. Costa was born.

Our success is reflected in the patented technology. We're successful because of the patented technologies, such as those only found in Costa lenses and frames. We were born on the water, and are still inspired by it. We want to be there, we want it protected, and we also want to inspire other people to do the same. Costa Lenses

  • Blue Mirror The encapsulated mirrors provide superior color and contrast in the sun, and eliminate glare.
  • Amber The best all-around lens for the brightest vision.
  • Gray Color saturation and contrast are maintained in bright to medium sun conditions.
  • Copper Reduces glare, and improves color and contrast in all conditions.
  • Green Mirror The encapsulated mirrors improve visual acuity, and reduce glare.
  • Silver mirror Encapsulated Mirrors improve visual acuity (copper base and amber base).

Costa is the leader in prescription sunglasses for fishing enthusiasts. These prescription sunglasses have been designed for those who are serious about catching fish. Costa's stylish frames can be customized with the most challenging prescriptions. They use state-of-the art lens manufacturing techniques and custom lens treatments. Costa prescription sunglasses are available in many different lens colors, including high-glare and low-light lenses. Costa Rx sunglasses are designed to withstand conditions that would destroy other sunglasses. They also feature frames that can withstand a rugged and tough lifestyle. Costa Prescription sunglasses have become one of the most popular shades on the internet and are gaining popularity in professional sports. The lenses are not just for fishing any more. They can also be used to drive, golf and fish. Choose the right lens material, color, and coatings for your needs. Costa's anticorrosive frames will be perfect for anyone who wants to find the best pair of prescription sunglasses.

You probably know that your eyes play an equally important role in fishing as your rod. The fishing experience is largely based on knowing where to cast, how to reel in, what bait to use, etc. It's much more difficult to catch anything worth bragging about if you can't even see.

When you're on the open sea, it is important to protect your eyes. Costa sunglasses are a great tool for all types of anglers. You can't go without Costa sunglasses if you spend lots of time on the water. Keep it simple…

Costa's shades are an amazing piece of equipment. You'll receive a level of protection that is unmatched in the industry, without having to wear bulky safety goggles. We wouldn't advise you to try stress testing them on your face. However, they are strong enough to withstand anything you might encounter at sea.

There are different choices for frame and lens materials. You can choose from a variety of materials to construct your glasses. These include metal, polycarbonate and glass. You can also choose from a variety of colors for both the frames and lenses. If your eyes need it, you can even get them custom-made.

Costa sunglasses have many great features, but we'll stop here. This is a compelling reason to buy them right away. Visit VS Eyewear and see your options. Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions about any of the products on our storefront.


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