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Couple coordinated jewelry in different combination

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I STILL DO “True love is your soul's recognition of its counterpart in another.”

As the name indicates, the collection is a celebration of a nuptial bond.
Jewelry that takes you down the memory lane and makes one feel nostalgic about those vows & promises that you made to each other. A collection that speaks and is truly expressive! Couple coordinated jewellery

Recipe… “Balance is not something you find but it's something you create” Every relationship has its own story. Ingredients listed here might be part of just one recipe. As likely as not there can be many such recipes that work to bulid a balanced relationship for you. Perhaps you would have your own ingredients ;)?? We would love to hear from you

Traditionally a pair of doves are symbolic of the unbreakable bond, celebration of everlasting relationship.
Our collection that is beautifully crafted with a ‘pair of dove' isn't just an expression that indicates deep love & fidelity in a relationship, but goes deeper to convey harmony for life!



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