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When you take those vows that include “’til death do us part” there’s not a clause in there that says, “unless we decide to move to a senior community, then we’ll split apart”.  Sadly, many people think that as a couple you can’t stay together in an independent living community or an assisted living facility and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Most facilities welcome and encourage couples to stay together while enjoying a lifestyle and level of care that suits each of them.

Options for Couples for Senior Living
If you and your partner or spouse are considering moving to a senior community you have a couple of different options.

  • Independent Living Community – If you and your spouse are vibrant and active and don’t need much assistance with day to daycare then an Independent living community might be right for you.  Often these “retirement villages” offer amenities such as laundry service, group activities, dining options, and the like while providing the freedom of maintenance-free living. Independent Living Communities vary widely in the type of housing they offer, from small apartments to condos, to houses.  You can choose the community that best fits your needs as a couple. 

  • Assisted Living Facility – If one or both of you need some day to day health care or mobility assistance then an assisted living facility could be the right choice.  You will stay together in your own room, suite, or apartment and will be charged only for the care that you receive.  So, if one of you is active and healthy while the other needs care for Alzheimer’s disease – you’d only be charged for the skilled nursing care for the spouse receiving the care while the healthy spouse would just pay room and board.  This is a great option that allows older couples to remain together even if one is very sick or frail.  

  • Skilled Nursing Facility – This option offers round the clock care for seniors who are very ill or require constant monitoring.  While it’s less common for couples to live together in this type of facility, it’s not unheard of.  Often, it would be very expensive to find a facility that offers this level of care that also has the option for couples to live together, but it is possible.  

Not only is it natural for couples to want to stay together and live together through their senior years, but it can be very beneficial.  The social and emotional needs that couples provide to one another can be a great boost to overall health and general well being heading into the senior years.  


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