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The cover letter must be submitted with your Schengen visa application. However, the consulate is not clear on how to make one or what details you should include in it.

A cover letter is your letter to the immigration officer asking for assistance in approval your Visa. This is why it's also known as a personal letter. By definition, every cover letter is different. 

This article will teach you create (not to type, write or copy) one for your visa purposes using VisaLetter. It also includes examples for every possible situation.

Although it's simple, over 50,000 visa applicants have used this format to get their visa approved. It is powerful.

What does a cover letter or visa letter mean?
A cover for Schengen visa application letter or Schengen Visa application letter letter is a short pdf document that describes your purpose of travel and proof of sustenance. If you have been granted a visa, the following information is required: your name, travel dates, and your general day-wise plan (travel itinerary).

This is an essential part of your visa process because it gives clarity to your visa officer.

The visa letter actually goes on top your Schengen visa request form and is the initial document that the visa approval office would need to read in order for you to fully understand your application.

What Details To Include In A Cover Letter For Schengen Visa ?
For Cover letter for Schengen visa, you should include the following information:
* Address of General Schengen consulate
* Subject Description of the type visa.
* You can find the Schengen region's travel dates and durations.
* The purpose or theme of your travel
* Which person or company is paying for the trip? (You, your spouse, host, company).
* Accommodation proof (as part the itinerary)
* Day-wise travel itinerary if you are a tourist or business visa holder, not required for a visitor visa
* Information regarding your employment and business.
* Documents that you will submit towards your Schengen Visa
* Contact information for the consulate if they wish to reach you.

Important Information About Cover Letters
A cover letter, also known as personal letter, is only for you. Even if your husband/wife is travelling with you, your cover letter may be different from theirs and you cannot copy it as it stands.

Personal cover letters are a combination of:

Purposes of travel (8 types)+employment situation (6 types) + Schengen country for visa application (25 possibilities)

You can see that there are at least 1,200 cover letter combinations! !

It is extremely unlikely that you can find a perfect format for a visa letter to meet your needs. The best solution would be to make your own cover letter with our VisaLetter app within 5 minutes.

You can however write your own visa if you wish.
Make three cover letters, and choose the one that is right for you.

Consulate of Spain
Minerva Mall, Kalasipalya
Chennai. -56110

Nov 30, 2022
Subject: Approval of my Schengen Tourist Visa with Spanish Consulate
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to visit Spain for tourism between Dec 10, 2022 and Dec 20, 2022 I will also be
travelling to Netherlands & Portugal .

Travel Purpose: I am going to visit my aunt who lives in Barcelona & also watch a match in camp Nou since I am an ardent football fan.

As Indian citizen, I need to get a Schengen Tourist Visa for the same.This would explain the details of
my trip and make a case for the issuance of my visa.
* Dec 10, 2022 : Land in Barcelona from Chennai
* Dec 11, 2022 : Visit Gaudi Church in Barcelona
* Dec 12, 2022 : Day tour around Barcelona
* Dec 13, 2022 : Have lunch with friends in Ibiza
* Dec 14, 2022 : Fly back to India
Myself self employed and I run an aquascape company in Bangalore. I am the bearer of all my travel expenses on this trip.
I am following the requirements as mentioned on the German consulate website.
Please find enclosed the following documents to support my Schengen Tourist Visa application :
* Hotel bookings made for this trip.
* ITR filed for the company upto the latest Financial year
* My business license/ incorporation
* Travel Itinerary during my trip as mentioned above.
* Attested Bank Statement for the last 6 months
* Proof ofInvitation from my host
* Flight itinerary from an agent. The itinerary will be ticketed once visa is approved.
* Duly filled visa application form
I trust you will find that everything is in order. If you need to contact me for further clarification or
additional details on my application my details are below.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Date: Nov 30, 2022

( Joseph J )
Ph : +9104083923
Email: lohith@trippos.com



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