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I can’t be the only one who can’t wait to see the world regain some form of normalcy after Covid-19 became a part of our reality. 

Even though scientific predictions gave us a heads-up about the second wave, that still doesn’t soften the blow’s impact. Just when lockdown restrictions were being relaxed and lifted across the globe, Boom! In comes Covid-19 2.0, complete with new variants and mutations. I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all tired. But we still need to get through this pandemic, and a couple of tips should come in handy as we take all the recommended precautions and stay safe with our loved ones.

1. Make better work-from-home plans

By now, remote working has become the norm for more people across the globe. If you fall under the category of people whose jobs allow them to work from home, I’m guessing there are some lessons you already learned from doing it the first time around. If you never took them seriously before, now is the time to sit down, recall your experience, decide what not to do this time, what to keep doing, and what to improve on.

2. Schedule essential hospital appointments

Covid-19 turned the world on its head the first time around, and that included medical appointments we might have taken for granted, like the dentist or therapist. Now is the time to book your sessions in advance and get your necessary prescriptions as well.


3. Try a little more routine

Jennifer Wild, a clinical psychologist and Oxford University professor, shared with Quartz just how important it is to plan ahead and follow a routine in these times. “particularly Monday to Friday, so that we’re not staying in bed all day and getting depressed,” she encouraged. Also, make sure to factor in some social time (even if it’s virtual) and relaxing activities into your routine.

4. Self-care is highly encouraged

Spending our days and nights cooped up can be frustrating, especially if you’re a social butterfly. Try treating yourself whenever you feel you need it. Pour a glass of wine to your favorite movie, paint your nails, wash your hair, wear some makeup and dress up just to take pictures… Whatever works for you.

5. Be intentional about positivity

This has to be the hardest thing to do on the list, I know. But we can’t let despair win, either. If it’s cutting down on your news consumption, prepping yourself with memories or fantasies of happy times, or calling your favorite people on Zoom, do it. We should especially look out for friends or family members who are prone to depression. Check on people and spread some cheer. Lifting others’ spirits does the same to yours.

6. Take up an interesting project

If your work cannot be done from home, it might be a good idea for you to start something new. It could be a DIY home project or that online business you’ve been meaning to start. Just keep busy.

7. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise

I feel like we can never overstate this when it comes to Covid-19 lockdowns. For a lot of us, we’ve realized the only workout we get is the morning hustle to work and evening return. Remember to get intentional with exercise. Set a timer if you have to. If you’re working from home, don’t get stuck at your desk or on your bed. Stretch your legs. Dance some sweat off. And that reminds me, please stop working on your bed. Get a desk and chair so you can maintain optimum posture even while working from home.

8. Don’t ignore the rules

Wear a mask. Sanitize. Maintain recommended social distancing. These would probably make it into a ‘Top 2020 Phrases’ list and we’ve probably heard enough of them already. But we can’t get too familiar and ignore them. Covid-19 is real, folks! People are losing their lives and families are mourning. It doesn’t help the situation to be careless and pay no heed to safety measures. Let’s stay responsible, guys.


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