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COVID-19 testing Must be Advanced

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It has been known that Covid-19 Testing in San Diego is one of the deadliest diseases of this century. For the past one and a half years it has taken many lives and still many patients are on ventilators due to the negligence and irresponsible behavior. As this disease is caused by a virus. The virus is very similar to the influenza virus. But due to its change in structure and forms some of the symptoms of this disease are totally different from that of influenza. In this disease loss of smell and taste, cough, feeling like cold, fever are totally similar to the influenza virus. But vomiting, motions and severe collapsing if the respiratory functions are very much different from that of influenza. 

Nowadays omicron variant of COVID-19 virus has been found and identified among the people of the world. The genomic sequence of this virus is a little bit different from that of COVID-19 virus. The most common symptoms of omicron variant is fever,tiredness,cough while the less common symptoms are sore throat,headache,aches and pains,diarrhea,a rash on skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes, red or irritated eyes while the Serious symptoms included difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, loss of speech or mobility, or confusion and chest pain. If you want to save yourself from this new deadly variant then it is mandatory to avail a COVID-19 testing service near by your residence.

Why is it important to avail a COVID-19 testing service?

It is very necessary for a person who is surrounded by a variety of people and working in a crowded area. So, there are more chances of becoming a carrier of this deadly disease. It is mandatory for them to avail a testing service.

Must be on a safer side:

It must be done on a prior basis. If you avail the COVID-19 testing service at the earliest possible manner then it will give multiple benefits to you. As you become satisfied and on the safer side. The test report will give you satisfaction if you sign negative . It will give not only satisfaction but ultimate security to society.

Gives protection to others

On the other hand, if you are considered as positive to the COVID-19 then it is your prime responsibility to quarantine yourself and save other lives as well. As everyone, immunity is not the same as yours. In order to provide protection and safety to others COVID-19 testing is necessary.


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