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What is AI content creation and how it works?

How Creaite 2021 is using Artificial Intelligence Tool effectively to generate content?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that never ceases to amaze us and that with the passage of time and its increasingly advanced development, is breaking into different market sectors, doing so also in the field of marketing, specifically for the creation of content.

Yes, yes, as you hear it, now you can generate the content of your website using AI, but it's been a while since we've heard about chatbots, xats answered by robots that have been created through this intelligence. They have the ability to programmatically answer a series of questions that users can ask them, and if they do not have sufficient response capacity, they pass you directly to a customer service manager.

There are already many companies that have chatbots in your home, but how many of you generate your content with Artificial Intelligence? Surely very few or almost none of you have raised your hand. Keep reading!

How Artificial Intelligence works in Content creation

Algorithms to automatically generate content

Perhaps you hadn't even considered it, but much of the content that you find on the blogs of some companies or organizations have been written by algorithms or what would be the same robots. These, which seem written by a person of flesh and blood due to the expressions used and the way of writing, have actually been written by robots.

But we must not forget that this technology is increasingly advanced. But remember Google Duplex, a customer service system that allowed you to make an appointment at the hairdresser, book a table at a restaurant, and countless other things, and that used the same expressions as a person with the typical “mmm”, “mm” … and if they don't tell you, it seems like you're talking to another natural person.

Content search

In order to create content that is interesting and attractive to both the Internet user and the brand, content creators must identify and locate key information in their field and areas related to their activity. On average, 40% of the time spent creating content is spent researching information. The more specific the information transmitted to the Internet user, the longer the time devoted to this information search.

The information is endless and can be found anywhere on the Internet, on social networks, or just on chats with close people. In view of the amount of information to which humans are sensitive per day, it is increasingly difficult to locate reliable and relevant information quickly.

Algorithms with artificial intelligence have been put in place to address this problem. Thus the Internet user will no longer be faced with potentially relevant information, but information sought and desired. Artificial intelligence Flint selects articles, that is to say, that it the main information through the interactions of Internet readers face to information contained either in newsletters or on social networks.

It is the same principle used by the artificial intelligence of Creaite which makes it possible to analyze the engagement of the content produced and to identify the content influences according to the theme. To work, the algorithms of Creaite attempt to identify the desired term or field of research and to relate them to all the themes associated with this one.

It identifies the content that generated the most sharing on the Internet in order to highlight, for the user, the information that most interested its target. Thanks to the amount of data collected from social networks, their algorithm learns to predict how content is shared and allows it to identify trends. Creaite can also determine how and how content should be presented to generate the most interaction.

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence, above all, will do very well for you before starting to generate content since it will help you make a prediction of what content to write depending on your Buyer Persona and their interests. Since this gives you relevant information about users, but also what type of content is working best on the network.

Without a doubt, a very useful tool if you want to start a blog or create the content of your new website and do not know exactly how to approach your ideal client.

Content quality

Without a doubt, the quality of the content is essential to attract the attention of your users, which is why we also recommend the use of Artificial

Intelligence. Thanks to this, you will be able to know what kind of questions or concerns your clients or potential clients have in order to offer them a solution. Generating content to never generate is not a good idea, but it has to add value and AI can help you achieve it since it will select the most relevant content for your users so that you can get ideas and focus on it.

This is why we have found it interesting to talk to you about AI to carry out this strategy, since it is a trend that is booming and you know what they say, innovate or “die”. Innovation is in every corner and those companies that are not able to implement it in their day-to-day, are almost convinced that they will not be able to stay afloat.


Companies are increasingly entering the use of artificial intelligence, to generate better content and interact with the maximum number of users and/or customers possible.
Although they have not yet replaced the human element, they can help us a lot in serving the customer by improving their experience and satisfying all their concerns and needs, with personalized and efficient information, whenever they want.

We can even see how the collection and analysis of this data can help to improve or create products that generate more customer attraction, fulfilling its mission in the best way, because it is based on the needs and trends that mark the route, giving life to products adjusted to it.

We still do not have the full confidence to leave everything to artificial intelligence, despite being driven by machine learning, the doubt remains whether they will be able to generate the SEO potential of content because there are still users who do not fully trust the lack of humanity or the touch of naturalness that a person gives.

Do you have any questions about content creation or how to carry it out using AI? Do not forget us, we are always ready to help you, and that you can contact us without any commitment.

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