Nowadays, most website owners and bloggers know that considering only keywords for getting higher ranks on SERPs wouldn't work. There are 100+ factors affecting websites to make it to the top of the online presence—one of which is using backlinks.

But online marketing takes work and is especially not free. You are already paying for high-end services and running ads, and you must've come across high-paying backlink services for your business too. 

Here's a treat for you to create backlinks for free. These techniques can help you jumpstart your brand with no upfront investment.

So, what are backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are external links redirect users' attention from one website to another. 

In simple terms, when someone uses the link of your content in theirs, you get a backlink from them.

And if you use someone else's link on your website, they get a backlink from you. You need backlinks for your website referring to your content to benefit from SEO. 

Backlinks are like votes. The more votes you get, the better your chances of winning the game. 

Further, it helps place your page on the SERP to attract organic traffic by indexing your content relevantly for the correct search queries.

But the number of backlinks you require to land on the first page of Google results often puts marketers under pressure. 

However, as you put effort into getting backlinks, you are getting near the goal of ranking on the #1 page on SERPs.  

Keeping these things in mind, let's watch out for some free backlink-creating strategies for your website. 

Create Backlinks For Free: 8 Super Easy Ways To Do It

1. Understand What Site Owners Are Looking For

You need to understand what your audience is looking for to rank out well in your community. 

When you can pitch yourself well, other websites automatically want to give you backlinks. 

On the other hand, if you have not figured out the intent, even excellent content can't get you good backlinks. 

Getting the backlink won't come for free unless you try, where the give-and-take technique goes hand in hand, even in business. 

You can start by linking other websites' content and letting them know you enjoyed it. Since you gave them the backlink, you will likely get it from them.

3. Comment On Other Relevant Blog Posts

Commence by searching for the same bloggers in your industry; you can find them directly or post for products or services. 

Many bloggers invite opinions for their services and content. Often, the content owner itself answers in the comment section, but the best answers also come from the other readers. 

It is where you enter to include a backlink in your comment tactfully. 

Start by making a list of websites in your niche; these will be the websites you need to contact that seem to be a good fit for your content. 

Later you can approach these websites one by one, asking for a backlink to your website or offering them to contribute as a guest post. 

5. Build Relationships

Your social media presence is as essential as it is to fulfill any other requirement of SEO. From there, you can start interacting with many like-minded people and bloggers and join the same group.

Take the initiative in group discussions, get on a call with the authors and tell them about your website and product. 

These are the best ways to get a shoutout for your website. In other words, you are building relationships to get backlinks for free in the future.

6. Create Great Content Continuously

Make sure your content provides a unique experience with valuable information. No one would like to refer to your website if it's bland. 

Creating great and valuable content is the most reliable and organic way to have direct control over earning backlinks. 

7. Give A Testimonial

Every business owner loves receiving good customer feedback and testimonials. 

So, research the websites for the products and services you've used. The next step is to post a testimonial on their feedback page or through email.

And that's it! All you have to do is mention that they can share your testimonials on their homepage, where you will get the most exposure for your website link. 

8. Create An Infographic Or Original Image

Images and Infographics are top-tier ways to grab the user's attention, and people love to browse them. 

Whenever someone shares your images in their content, they will automatically have the link to your website.

And as you publish the informative images and infographics, people will surely share them and link back to your website, or you can reach out to them asking to share your infographics in their content. 


Getting a backlink for free should be easy if you know the proper techniques.

And most importantly, when it comes to organically building the backlink, pay attention to creating quality content on your website, networking with people, and maintaining good relationships.

Primarily open to asking directly or appearing as a guest post on other websites because these are ways to amp up your backlink game for improved SEO.

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