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What comes to your mind when you hear of the word ‘capsule?’ An airplane? An enclosure? A closed space essentially, right? But what about ‘capsule wardrobe?’ Not something you typically hear of!

A ‘capsule wardrobe’ means having a wardrobe that has everything you need – ranging from tops to pants to shoes to accessories. It is believed that a capsule wardrobe is more likely to contain random pieces that you can pair up together here and there depending on your day, rather than having suits and matching sets. So, when we add the word ‘create’ before capsule wardrobe, we mean to ask you to come up with a wardrobe that encompasses all such pieces that you adore and can wear daily. In a way though, creating a capsule wardrobe translates to enhancing your wardrobe and making it timeless so your articles never truly go out of fashion.

How to do that, though?

Figure out what your lifestyle and fashion sense is

Being aware of what your typical day-to-day activities are, and what kind of a lifestyle you enjoy living, is crucial while creating a capsule wardrobe. Your daily activities mainly determine what kind of clothes and accessories you’ll be needing. You should also ask yourself what your fashion sense is – whether you like minimal clothes, or funky outfits, or something of a blend? Combining these two factors will assist you in boosting your wardrobe in such a manner that you can go a long way without getting bored too quickly.

If, for instance, your lifestyle consists of frequent workouts, then perhaps a comfortable yet stylish strappy sports bra is what you’re looking for. Some people also enjoy a splash of color in their outfits, associating a color to a mood upliftment. In that case, Heny Star specializes in a biker short and cropped seamless top set in exciting and bright colors such as pink and orange.

Other than this, there are many other options available at diverse stores such as Heny Star, for people to find stuff according to their likings, taste, and way of living. So once you’re done figuring out what kind of clothes and accessories you need to update your wardrobe, it’ll then become progressively easier for you to shop.

Keep a close eye on what you wear for a month

An easy and quick way to create a capsule wardrobe more efficiently and effectively is by tracking down your outfits for 30 days straight. This way you can actually pinpoint at what you wear so you can get a grasp of what to buy. Knowing exactly what you wear will help you not buy anything extra or at the spur of the moment, ensures that the things you do end up purchasing are what you love and will last you a long time.

For this purpose, you can also save even more time besides money, by browsing through stores such as Heny Star with both formal and casual wear.

Make a pile to give away

Sorting through wardrobes is therapeutic for some, and a hassle for others – a task they keep procrastinating. But, if you want to create a capsule wardrobe, then you must divide your clothing items into piles. After you’re done tracking down what you wear for 30 days, here’s how to categorize your piles:

  1. Things you wore for a month
  2. Things you haven’t touched

Once you’ve created these piles, further categorize your second pile into the following:

  1. Fancy clothes that you couldn’t have worn because of your scheduled meetings in the past month
  2. Clothes that aren’t appropriate for the ongoing season
  3. Clothes you didn’t even think of wearing

Then, give away your pile C. This will help you gain a better understanding of what your wardrobe really needs to consist of so you don’t have anything extra or don’t care much for.

As far as the seasonal pile is considered, you might notice that some clothing items are missing from your wardrobe. For example, you may discover that you don’t have many hoodies for the upcoming winter season. This will prompt you to buy new hoodies in time for the cold, and not frantically look for some in your closet when winter becomes frustrating.

So, filter your wardrobe, and then head onto Heny Star to fill in the missing pieces!

Find out what your color palette is

It’s not absolutely necessary to know your color palette, but it’s a good guide for your future shopping. What if you discover that your closet has a lot of neon? Or that your closet has a lot of blacks? Either way, you’ll realize what colors you prefer wearing – this way you can save money and time.

But doesn’t it get difficult to find your favorite colors in one store? Don’t you have to visit lots of stores to locate your favorite picks? Well, Heny Star caters to all customer preferences by ensuring that they keep a lounge set, amongst many other styling options, in kiwi, as well as grey, so everyone can have a good time.

Purchasing the best quality clothes

Creating a capsule wardrobe is all about keeping long-lasting outfits, and that can only be assured if you have good quality clothing. Discovering clothes that are good value for money is difficult now, optimum clothing is a rarity, so go on a deep hunt to purchase accessories and outfits of great quality.

Finding quality coupled with affordable prices is a no-brainer for Heny Star because it works towards creating value for customers and gaining their trust. So, purchase a sturdy tote bag for all your daily activities, a scarf for all your vacations, and jeans for your everyday outfits, and much more, and be free of any stress for the next few years.

Creating a capsule wardrobe is an efficient way of living since it saves the busy capitalist adults of today, lots of time and money. Yes, it involves putting in some energy to unleash what you really want and need, but in the end, it’s all worth it – especially when you have diverse clothing stores to fall back on!


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