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A unique and effective packaging box can be one of the best marketing tools for pre-roll products. The packaging helps customers easily select the desired product and establishes a relationship between the customer and the brand. The packaging conveys the message and the vision of the brand to the customers. Wholesale custom boxes are an amazing way to increase sales and establish a brand. In this article, we list a few simple steps to finding stylish packaging for pre-rolled joints.

Analyze the Target Audience:

Create your end user persona and learn more about your targeting choices. What products are customers liking?

  • What is the average age of the target group
  • What price they can pay for pre-rolls
  • What work do they do?
  • How are packaging boxes reused or disposed of?

Here are some questions that will help you understand your audience's preferences. Pre-roll packaging should be simple, but offer more than just product protection. Your packaging design should meet the objectives listed below:

  • Attract customers' attention
  • Ensure product safety
  • Provide all product information.
  • Be eco-responsible (if possible)
  • Can persuade the customer to buy the pre-rolled joints
  • It can make the customer satisfied with the purchase.

Your customer is the person you want to impress, so your packaging should match the flavor of the community you are targeting. It should be designed in such a way that customers can take pride in owning your product. If your packaging does not meet customer requirements, your efforts are a waste of time and money.

Learn More About the Qualities of Your Pre-rolled Joints:

What is the use of packaging that does not match the dimensions of the product? Before designing a wrap, always identify the qualities of your pre-rolled joints. You need to know your pre-roll storage temperature, shipping requirements, size, weight, etc.

Locate your sales channel:

Identify your outlets and think about how your product will be stocked in those stores. Check how your product is placed and how your competitors' products are placed on the shelves. Imagine what the two products would look like if they were in the same aisle.

So you know the flaws in your cardboard packaging. For example, your packaging is so flashy it irritates your eyes, or it's too big for the store shelf. This way you can improve your weak points. And once you've identified and fixed your pain points, you won't be able to resist your pre-roll wrap.

Select the Material:

The packaging material depends on your product. You can use materials like corrugated paper, cardboard, or kraft paper for your pre-rolled joints. Select any material that is budget friendly and durable enough to provide your pre-rolled joints with maximum protection.

metalize cigarette box

You can take the services of professional packaging makers to avoid two mishaps;

  • Your selected material is too expensive
  • Your chosen material is cheap but fragile

Material selection can be a difficult task as your entire packaging process depends on this step.

Choose a Theme and Color Scheme:

This can be the most fun step because it involves creativity. You must choose a style for your pre-rolled joints. You can hire a professional designer to create a unique design for your box, or you can use your imagination to turn a simple box canvas into a masterpiece. Use professionally shot images to have a positive impact on the customer.

Brand information:

Designs on packaging show brand values ​​and information and create a positive brand image. Information such as brand name, logo, image, barcodes and any other information called binding authorities are an essential part of pre-roll packaging design. Improve the quality of your custom pre-roll packaging by following all the steps above so your business can grow quickly. Invest in aesthetic and durable packaging to capture the hearts of the target audience.


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