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Cricut Black Friday Deals: Discover Must-Have Craft Tools

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Every crafter around the world is looking forward to Cricut Black Friday deals on various products. The event takes place the day after Thanksgiving, marking the start of the Christmas shopping season for every buyer. This mega shopping sale will run globally from 24 to 25 November 2023. During those 24 hours, the DIYer can buy Cricut products at a reduced price.

Following the tradition, the company will be dropping the prices of its Cricut products while targeting its existing buyers as well as new buyers. Other than that, the Cricut Black Friday sale offers items that are budget-friendly and of good quality. Below are details of all the Cricut products that will have their prices reduced during the sale.

7 Best Cricut Cutting Machines

Since its establishment, the company has focused on developing cut-die machines that satisfy all crafter's needs. The entire content about the Cricut Black Friday deals on Cricutprices is given below:

Cricut Maker

Firstly, Cricut Maker permits the crafter to transform their virtual DIY dream into the real world. Also, Maker has the tools to cut hundreds of materials quickly and accurately. Apart from that, this model delivers professional-level cutting performance that any DIYer can use easily without facing any difficulties. Right now, you can buy this model at the price range of $299.00, but the price will be deducted from $100 to $200 during the Black Friday sale.


Cricut Maker 3

Among the rest of the cutting machine versions, Maker 3 is one of the smartest craft plotters that works with 300+ materials. Also, this model can cut, write, draw, or foil the material during the crafting process. Freshly, this craft plotter costs $429.00, but as per the Black Friday status, the DIYer can buy it by paying approximately $200 to $300. On the contrary, the Access members need to pay $386.10 while checking out at the payment aisle.

Cricut Explore 3

In addition, Explore 3 holds the capability to cut more than 100 materials of different types for creating customized projects. This craft plotter can cut intricate designs with precision within a blink of an eye. Currently, Explore Air 2 is available at $319.00, but the cost might lessen to 1% to 2% during the Cricut Black Friday sale.

Cricut Explore Air 2

Furthermore, make all your DIY dreams come true with this classic cutting machine. Explore Air 2 can cut almost everything from the lightest to the thickest material. This model can make an idea to I Did It for every crafter. The actual cost of Cricut Explore Air 2 is $229.00, but the price will surely decrease to $129-$200, depending upon the demand. As per the sources, the crafters with Cricut membership won't be able to enjoy the benefits of Black Friday deals.

Cricut Joy

In addition to the sale, you can create custom cards, simple decals, and many more via Cricut Joy. This multi-functional craft plotter can complete projects within 15 minutes or less. Referring to the Cricut Black Friday deals, the Joy actual price is $149.00, but the amount will slightly change to attract buyers or new customers. Since the price is actually low, Cricut Access members won't get any discount.

Cricut Joy Xtra

Equally important, this upgraded version of Cricut Joy fits in any space and makes the exterior look more impressive. Joy Xtra can cut, write, draw, and foil to complete the project more attractive than other ones. At present, Cricut Joy Xtra is worth $199.00, but the price might be reduced to $179.00$169.00 during Black Friday deals. On the other hand, Access Members will pay $179.00.

Cricut Venture

Finally, Cricut Ventrue is the latest addition to the Cricut craft plotter family tree. This wide-format professional cutting machine can cut more than 100+ materials accurately and with precision. In addition, Venture is capable of doing several activities with the material. Freshly, the model price is $999, but its prices will surely decrease during the Black Friday sale at 10%. On the other hand, Access members need to pay $949.00 while placing the order for the machine.

After coming across the Cricut craft plotter models, it's time to proceed toward the Heat Press category. Now, to learn about Cricut Black Friday deals on Heat Press, go through the below section.

Top 4 Cricut Heat Press Machines

Have a look at the following info given below and grab details about fabulous deals delivered by Cricut on their various Heat Presses:

Cricut EasyPress

Starting with EasyPress, this Heat Press has been divided into three categories. Cricut EasyPress 3 is the perfect choice for smooth heat transfer projects on various materials. It brings together the power of a heat press and the convenience of iron with its Bluetooth-in-built Heat app. Right now, this model is available at $199.99, but the price will indeed get reduced during the Cricut Black Friday deals.

Paying attention to the next model, EasyPress 2 is ideal for creating customized jumbo-size projects. With its flexible heat up to 400*F (250*C), it is a no-stress Heat Press. With its unique features, EasyPress 2 offers fast and effortless results that last long, even after repeated washes. Moreover, the actual price is $169.99, and the DIYer will get a discount while adding to the cart while attending the Black Friday sale.

Furthermore, whether it's a uniquely shaped object or an extra-small project, EasyPress Mini can successfully make a smooth transfer. With the presence of three heat settings, you can make any heat-transfer project, including Infusible Ink projects. If you are planning to use this Heat press model, then you will have to pay $49.99 at the cash counter.

Cricut Autopress

In addition to the blog, it's time for us to introduce you to the professional Cricut Heat Press, made for homemakers only. This Cricut Heat Press is composed of commercial power with a sleek, home-friendly design with automated features, making the project within a few minutes. Right now, its price is $599.00, and the princess will reduce it to at least $300 to $400 while trying to buy it during the Cricut Black Friday deals.

Cricut Hat Press

Equally important, Cricut Hat Press is specially designed to make customized hats for all craft lovers. It can make hats of different sizes, shapes, and graphics, encouraging the crafter to develop more. With the presence of the Heat app, you can send the temperature along with time settings directly to the press before applying it to the blank. Also, its current price is $99.99, but the Access member can add it to their craft room just by paying $89.99.

Cricut Mug Press

Lastly, Cricut Mug Press is preferred by DIYers to make customized mugs. The patent-pending heat plate with zonal heating creates excellent and consistent results. You can get the Cricut Mug Press at $149.99. However, while buying it during the Cricut Black Friday deals, the prices might get reduced, saving your budget.

By sharing Cricut products along with Black Friday deals, you must have decided which device you are going to purchase.

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