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Cricut BrightPad vs BrightPad Go: Which is Better?

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 Cricut offers top-notch cutting and heat press machines, which crafters and DIYers most widely use. These machines can cut, write, score, and fold the materials. Some of them are even capable of cutting more than 300 materials quickly. All these features make the Cricut brand special and the first choice for DIYers. However, the cutting machine cut the design, but this is not where our task ends. Further, we will need to weed out the intricate design that consumes a lot of time and is not good for our eyes. Sometimes, it becomes hard to weed the design. To solve this, Cricut added new tools, such as Cricut BrightPad and BrightPad Go.

In this blog post, we will understand the differences by comparing Cricut BrightPad vs BrightPad Go.

Cricut BrightPad vs BrightPad Go: Overview 


The standard BrightPad looks like a tablet device with a white LED screen that provides a sufficient illuminated work surface for the design you keep on the screen. It helps a lot in weeding the intricate and delicate designs that are sometimes difficult to see. With this innovative design, you can trace, weed the vinyl, and do other crafting works.

There is little difference between standard BrightPad and BrightPad Go. For example, BrightPad Go is the same size as the standard one. Despite this, BrightPad Go comes with upgraded features, which we will discuss later in this post.


Cricut BrightPad vs BrightPad Go: Differences


Let us see some important differences between Cricut BrightPad and BrightPad Go. However, the most important difference is that BrightPad needs to be plugged in every time it is in use. In contrast, BrightPad Go can be used without plugging in because it has a rechargeable feature. Moreover, we can also see some differences in terms of price, color, brightness, settings for different brightness levels, and hardness.

Now, let us have a look at the difference between both of them.

Cricut BrightPad

  • Price – It costs $59.99
  • Color – available in Mint color
  • Screen Size – 11.5” x 9”
  • Brightness Settings – There are 3 adjustable brightness settings up to 3800 lux
  • Surface strength – It has a 4H level of hardness, i.e., provides moderate protection resistant to scratches
  • Power Source – It is a wired device


Cricut BrightPad Go

  • Price – It costs $99.99
  • Color – available in Indigo Blue color
  • Screen Size – 11.5” x 9”
  • Brightness Settings – There are 3 adjustable brightness settings up to 4200 lux
  • Surface strength – It has a 6H level of hardness, meaning it provides a high level of protection resistant to scratches
  • Power Source – It is a wireless device

Which One Should You Buy: Cricut BrightPad vs BrightPad Go?


Making an intricate design is easy with the help of a Cricut cutting machine, but weeding is a challenge. It is because we have to do this manually with our hands. It puts a lot of strain on our eyes; however, controlling the minus and buttons, which you can use to control the brightness of the LED. Plus, you do not need to use a cord with BrightPad, making it portable. Despite the Cricut BrightPad, the body also looks sleek and thin. Due to these reasons, you must go for BrightPad Go.



This Cricut BrightPad vs BrightPad Go guide gives you a thorough comparison between BrightPad. Both are almost the same in size and weight. However, the wireless feature in BrightPad Go makes it highly portable and easy to use. To buy a new BrightPad, you must go with the latest version (BrightPad Go). Moreover, both these pads are the best companion for Cricut cutting machines. Overall, BrightPad Go is the best if you need a harder surface or rechargeable features.



Question 1: What is the use of BrightPad products?


AnswerCricut BrightPad is a tablet-like screen pad used to see details of cutting design so that you can weed your designs. It is a beneficial tool for crafters who often work on intricate designs. It can do anything from weeding vinyl to tracking. Plus, you can also weed the iron-on from paper.

Question 2: How can I clean my Cricut BrightPad?


Answer: You can take one of these items to clean your screen. They are lens cleaners, touch screen wipes, a socked piece of clothing, and glass cleaners. Then, rub the pad surface gently. However, the permanent marker mark may stay a little longer, and it will take more effort to remove it. Note: Do not use any strong removers.

Question 3: Is the Cricut BrightPad really worth it?


Answer: Yes, you must consider the Cricut BrightPad if you are a DIY enthusiast. This amazing tool will make your weeding task easy in no time. The tool is excellent and often used as a companion to cutting machines. However, it works independently without a cutting device, Design Space, or other Cricut products.



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