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Cricut.com/Setup || Cricut.com Setup Windows, Mac & PC

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The step-by-step guide at cricut.com/setup and start your Cricut Maker set up as a beginner. But first, let’s take a tour and learn what precisely the Cricut machine is and how it works.

Cricut.com/setup maker Machine for the first time?

The Cricut machine is full of exciting craft journeys for crafters of leading workshops. However, dealing with the tech part comes at the most fragile state. Also, figuring out the blade types, mats, and materials can be misleading to different kinds of machines, which can be a real challenge. Now, the thing is, you have seen exclusive features of the Cricut Maker machine that speeds up the performance and levels up the quality of your crafts. So, you have already decided to go big with the Maker machine. For that, your first step should be creating a Cricut account via cricut.com/setup.

Regardless of being a Cricut machine beginner or a pro, we are going to walk you through the setup guide for the Cricut machine. The setup guide for the Cricut machine includes points from scratch, including what it can do. Let’s look at the beneficial features of this device.

What Type of Components Do You Get with a New Cricut Maker?

Including the color choice, you get a few options for bundles while buying the new maker from the official Cricut store. If you were to buy Cricut Maker Machine (any color), here is what you will find while unboxing:

  • As usual, the first thing will be your Cricut Machine.
  • A USB cable and power cord for your machine to connect with the desktop.
  • The most important part is the “Rotary Blade.”
  • Black Fine Point Pen
  • A few small material pieces for your practice project
  • Premium Fine Point Blade with housing
  • A welcome book for Cricut Maker

What Can a Cricut Maker Do?

The concept of a Cricut Maker symbolizes the ideal invention that can cut or design over hundreds of materials. Now, if you are wondering about the materials, look at the list below.The list does not stop here, as you can cut a plethora of materials with this machine with ease. With endless possibilities, experiment your craft projects from scrapbooking, window clings, designing leather bracelets, t-shirts, wall decals, cards, and personalized pillows. Here, the real question is, how do you create these designs? The answer is you will have to download the application or software from cricut.com/setup to work on your creations. Now that you have established the base of the Cricut Maker device let’s put it to work systematically with the following guidelines.

How Do You Set Up a Cricut Maker Machine?

Setting up your Cricut machine is as easy as putting your printer to work. But instead of printing on paper, you will have to create designs out of paper. However, to not take any chances with its latest tech confusion, walk through the instructions below and learn the setup procedure via cricut.com/setup.

  • First, make a decision on the material type required for your craft project.
  • The next step involves placing the material on the sticky cutting mat.
  • Here, the cutting mat works to hold the material while the machine is processing.
  • After that, you have to load the mat into the machine.
  • Here comes the step to download the “Design Space” software for your device.
  • Now, choose a design in the Cricut Design Space, provide material settings, then send your creations to your Cricut cutting machine.
  • In the next step, press the button on your Cricut machine to start the cutting procedure.
  • Once the machine is done, you can take out the mat and material from the Cricut Maker.

How Do You Download & Install Cricut Design Space for Cricut Maker?

Downloading and installing the Design Space differs according to the devices. So, let’s begin the steps as per your device requirement.

For Windows Requirement

  • Start with opening your web browser and visiting cricut.com/setup.
  • Click on the Download button. Now, your screen will change, including the browser.
  • As you complete the downloading procedure, double-click on the file in your browser.
  • Next, you can locate the file in the Downloads folder and double-click on it.
  • If your device asks for permission and to trust the application, agree to the option.
  • Now, a setup window will show the installation process.
  • After that, you have to sign in with your Cricut ID and password.
  • Once you have signed in, an icon with “Design Space” will be automatically added to your device’s screen.
  • Next, right-click on the icon.
  • Here, you have to choose the “Pin to Taskbar” option or drag the icon to the taskbar to pin it.
  • In the end, enjoy the “Design Space” application for your craft creations.

For Mac Requirement

  • Start with opening a browser.
  • Next, go to cricut.com/setup and click on the Download button. It will change the screen of your software as well as your browser.
  • After downloading, double-click on the (.dmg) file in the browser.
  • If unable to find the file in the browser, you can visit the Downloads folder.
  • Then, drag your Cricut icon to the application folder and start the installation.
  • In this step, the design space for your desktop is automatically added to your application folder.
  • After that, double-tap on the Cricut Design Space in your application folder and launch it.
  • If you need to create a shortcut, drag the application to your dock.
  • Thereafter, sign in to your Cricut account.
  • In the end, you have completed the setup process for Design Space via cricut.com/setup.
  • Now, you can use the Design Space for your craft projects.

How to Attempt Design Space for Project Creations?

In order to use the Cricut Maker device, you have to create a Cricut account through cricut.com/setup. Now, follow the directions mentioned in this guide to log in to the application.

  • Open your browser and type cricut.com/setup.
  • In the next step, you have to download & install the “Design Space.”
  • Then, visit the “Account” section and click the “Sign In” option.
  • If unable to find the Sign In button, look under the “Account Settings” icon.
  • Now, provide the Cricut email address if you have already created one.
  • After that, type the password.
  • Click the Sign In button.
  • If you are a beginner at the Cricut machine, click on the option Create Cricut id.
  • Now, if your screen prompts for information, enter the required details.
  • Here, you have to read the terms and conditions of Design Space.
  • After that, visit the previous screen and tap on “I Agree the Cricut Terms of Use.”
  • Then, click on “Send me Emails (deals, tips, and inspiration).
  • Again, tap the Create Cricut id option again.
  • Thereafter, you will get a message about the setup procedure.
  • Awesome! Your Cricut account via cricut.com/setup will appear as logged in.

How to Connect Your Printer and the Cricut Maker Device?

Here is how you can connect your printer and Maker machine.

  • Start with opening a preferred browser and go to cricut.com/setup
  • Then, the requirement is downloading and installing the setup software.
  • Sign in to the application or software with the credentials of your Cricut account.
  • If you are using Cricut Maker as a beginner, register a new account and sign in.
  • Choose your Cricut device and click the Download button.
  • Next, wait for a few minutes till the setup is pending on your desktop.
  • Thereafter, double-tap on the Install.exe file for the installation process.
  • Once you have completed the setup, the Cricut machine is ready to create designs.
  • Turn on your machine and connect it using a USB cable to the computer.
  • Also, you can select the Bluetooth connection method for both devices.
  • Finally! The Maker machine is all set via cricut.com/setup.
  • Now, you have all the accessories to enjoy your “Cricut Maker” customizable creations.


Question: Where can I buy a Cricut Maker Machine?

Answer: You can visit Cricut’s website via cricut.com/setup or an online platform like “Amazon.” They are also available at craft stores like Michael’s and Joan.

Question: Does Design Space works the same for Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore?

Answer: Yes. The Design Space software is the same for all Cricut cutting machines you will buy. Also, you will need to use the same URL cricut.com/setup to download and install the “Design Space” for all devices.

Question: What does the USB port on the side of my Cricut machine is for?

Answer: The USB port on the side of your cricut.com/setup is for charging port for your smartphones.

Visit Site – Cricut.com/setup
Cricut.com setup windows

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