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Cricut Easy Press 3: A Perfect Machine for Iron-on Projects

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 Cricut company constantly introduces new versions of Cricut machines. One of the newest launches of the company is Easy Press 3. Press 3 is an upgraded version of the previous model. Further, all the models of Easy Press are hand-held heat press machines. They are similar to normal press machines that help adhere different materials onto the project’s surface. Plus, they have simple controls, so these machines are easy to use. Also, using Cricut Press machines, you can create projects such as t-shirts, tote bags and zippered pouches, pillowcases, and more. This blog will discuss the Cricut Easy Press 3 product in more detail.

Physical Features of the Easy Press 3

First, we will look at the physical features of the machine before moving to its working ability. As you unbox the machine, you will see a handful of controls.

  1. The first thing to know about the machine is the Power button. It turns the machine on and off.
  1. Next, we will look at the Temperature Setting button. You can shift between Celsius and Fahrenheit by holding the temp button. Also, if you want to increase or lower the temperature, you can do it by using the + and – buttons.
  2. Further, you can even set a timer. To change the countdown timer, push the button with the clock logo. And just like changing the temperature, you can use the + and – sign buttons to navigate to the number of seconds you want.
  3. Afterward, when you keep the Cricut Easy Press 3 machine on your project, use the Countdown button. Here, it will countdown the seconds to inform you whether you are pressing for too long or too short. Also, the machine will beep once it reaches zero.
  4. Another attractive feature is the Display screen. From the screen, you can see the time and temperature settings. Also, it will display the timer counting down while you are using the machine for your project.
  1. Finally, after setting the temperature and timer, press the Play button. This button will engage the countdown timer. Also, it turns into two colors, orange while the machine is heating up and green when it is ready to use.

Characteristics of the Cricut Easy Press 3

Now we will look at the abilities and features of the machine. It is because you need to know its characteristics to use it easily.

  1. The machine is designed to achieve high-level heat-transfer results that remain intact after repeated washes. Since the heat pad’s size is 9×9 inches, making it perfect for personalized bags, t-shirts, pillow covers, etc.
  1. The machine can reach up to a temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 205 degrees Celsius.
  2. Further, the advanced heat plate design with a ceramic-coated surface can quickly adapt to many materials.
  3. Another interesting feature is that it has an auto-off feature and an insulated base. So, if you leave the machine for ten more minutes, it will automatically turn itself off.
  4. It can connect with the Cricut Heat app via its built-in Bluetooth. So, you can send or adjust the settings directly from the app. This feature is an update from the previous model, giving it new wireless connectivity.

Recommended Supplies With the Cricut Easy Press 3

You need to know all the supplies necessary for a project involving the Press 3 machine. The right kind of accessories will give you a high-quality project. The supplies recommended are:

  • First, you need a Cricut cutting machine to create designs on the raw material.
  • The heat press machine will also use materials such as Iron-On Vinyl, Infusible Ink, or sublimation products. Also, it works with other Heat Transfer Vinyl materials.
  • The other accessories you need are the primary tools of Cricut machines.
  • For safe transfer of heat, you need Heat-resistant tape or Transfer paper.
  • Finally, you need cardstock or butcher paper.


In this blog, the product review of Cricut Easy Press 3 talks about the machine’s physical and working features. The machine is a companion to go with your other Cricut cutting machines. It is easy to use since you can set the timer and temperature using both the buttons and the Heat app. So, it is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy a heat press machine.


Is Buying the Easy Press 3 machine a good choice?

If you are working with iron-on, vinyl, infusible inks, and HTVs, then the Easy Press 3 machine is good to buy. It is because the machine comes with a Bluetooth connection that helps in wireless settings. Also, it has an auto-off feature which will save you from any damage. So, Easy Press 3 will help you make perfect t-shirts and other projects.

What is the warranty period of Easy Press 3?

The Cricut Easy Press 3 comes with a warranty period of one year. You can return it with proper packaging if you prefer to use it only after the time limit. Once you return the machine in one piece, or it is not broken or has scratches, then you will get your money. 

How to use the Easy Press 3 machine?

Before using the Press 3 machine, you must design the project on Design Space. After that, you need to cut the design on the material. Once you have the design on the material, place it on top of the project’s surface. Now, set the time and temperature depending on recommended settings by Cricut. Finally, keep the machine on top of the material.

Visit: cricut.com/setup

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cricut setup for pc

cricut.com/setup mac

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