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Are you wondering if the Cricut expression machine is still worth it in the year 2023? Don’t worry we’re going to answer all of your queries regarding the Cricut Expression machine. In this blog, we will review this machine, point by point, to differentiate this machine from the latest Cricut machines. We know that the comparison of this machine with the other Cricut attest machines is not at all justified, and we get you, and you’re right.

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The Cricut Expression is a completely different machine and is based on complete technology though perm the same cutting tasks. We also know that it is an outdated machine that lacks so many modern features that it is even very hard to use the machine. But we will still review this machine since a lot of beginners may find this machine and are planning to purchase it as a used machine. So let us start the blog and review this old Cricut machine named Cricut Expression.

Contents You Get Inside Cricut Expression Package

Following are the inbox contents you get inside a Cricut Expression machine:

  • Cricut Expression machine
  • Power Cable
  • Blade And Blade Housing
  • 12×12” cutting mat

Following are the materials you get with a Cricut Expression machine:

  • Vellum
  • Foam
  • Fabric
  • Light to heavy cardstock 
  • Vinyl

Pros & Cons of Cricut Expression Machine


The following are the pros of using a Cricut Expression machine:

  • It is still a good performing machine, which has good cutting speed and performance, considering how old it is.
  • It is available at a very low price compared to the newer Cricut machines
  • Cricut Expression has an intuitive LCD screen display
  • It can be used without needing an internet connection, as we need in modern Cricut machines for using Cricut Design Space software. 
  • The Expression machines come with 800 plus already preloaded images.       


  • The Cricut Expression machine doesn’t allow you to create your own designs/ images since it doesn’t get equipped with the Design Space software.  
  • It is not comparable with the latest coming machines like the Cricut Explore 3 and Maker 3 since it lacks many features and functionalities.     

How Does The Cricut Expression Machine Work?

Here is a simple step you can follow to use your Cricut Expression machine:


  1. Use the sticky mat to adhere to the material that you have to choose to cut.
  2. Now select the image you want to cut by using the keypad and the digital screen on the top of the machine.   
  3. Whatever options you’re selecting or wherever you’re navigating in your Cricut machine will be displayed in the Cricut machine. 
  4. After that, choose/set all the Settings, and finally, press the Cut button.

Is The Cricut Expression Machine Worth Buying In 2023?

We all know that the Cricut Expression machine is an old machine, and it won’t be fair to compare it with the new advanced technology Cricut machines like Cricut Maker 3, Explore 3, and Joy machine. We can still say it is a very good machine if we consider its date of launch and use this machine in today’s time. It is still a good cutting machine and is easy to use the machine for new crafters as well as professionals. Though obviously, because of the upgrade, you will like the Cricut newer cutting machines more.

If we talk about the performance, you may find the Craft Room software used in the Cricut Expression machine a little old, but it still cuts perfectly. But the main thing that you won’t get in the modern Cricut cutting machines is the LCD machine and its standalone operability. You don’t need Design Space software to use for using a Cricut machine or an all-time internet connection, which makes it a convenient machine to use. Now coming to the downside of this machine, the only thing that you will find frustrating in this machine is its restrictive nature to bemused for limited designs and materials, which obviously is understandable since it’s old. But in terms of working, we didn’t find any issue, so if you want to use it for some time as a beginner then only we recommend you to buy this.      

Final words

We hope you found this blog helpful; in this blog, we review the Cricut expression machine, and we have already shared our view on Is “The Cricut Machine Worth Buying In 2023” section. So, we hope you found the answer you wanted, whether you should buy a Cricut expression machine or not. If you have any more queries related to the Cricut Expression machine, we recommend you refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section below.                            

Frequently Asked Questions

What Paper Size Can We Use In Cricut Expression?

The maximum paper size that a Cricut Expression machine can cut is 12”x24” or 12”x12.” While using the dial, you can select the size of the paper; the machine will tell you whether it can take the size input or not.   

Do I Require A Computer To Use A Cricut Expression Machine?

No, you don’t require any software to use the Cricut Expression machine since it comes with controls and an LCD screen and can be operated standalone.

What Materials Can We Cut In Cricut Expression Machines?

The Expression machine is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials despite being an old Cricut machine. Some of the materials it can cut are thin foils, fabric, vellum, vinyl, cardstock, and many more thick materials.      

What Are The Unique Features That Comes In Expression?

The Cricut Expression comes with several unique features like Autofill and Quantity features. The Cricut expression machines allow you to cut multiple images, which helps you in creating multiple invitations for different projects.     

Do We Get Scoring Material With A Cricut Expression Machine?

Yes, you do get scoring material with the Expression machine. To use this material, you just simply have to switch to the Expression blade settings and start with your scoring. 

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