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Cricut Joy Machine [Detailed Review 2023]

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 In this blog, we will review your favorite tiny and portable machine, which is the Cricut Joy machine. It’s not been much time since it was introduced in the market. So you can expect this machine to come with all the bells and whistles. If we talk about the size of this machine is, it is roughly half the size of the Cricut Explore or Maker machine. One thing we are warning you in advance is that don’t judge this machine for its size; this machine has got tons of features more than your expectations. Despite Joy being a single carriage machine, it holds all the pens, tools, and blades. The list is endless to talk about this machine, so let us straight forward review this machine and start the blog.                 

Unique Features Of Cricut Joy

There are many things that people dislike about Cricut machines, but the Cricut Joy machine has some features which you might not find in other big Cricut machines. The Joy is the most premium-looking machine which has got no buttons. And apart from its looks, the Cricut company manages to place all the fancy blades, tools, and foils. Some of the notable features of Cricut Joy are as follows:

  • The Cricut Joy machine comes with a card mat that helps you in designing cards.
  • One of the best features of Joy is its matless cutting, which saves a lot of time. You do not have to put your materials inside the mat.     

Projects/ Crafts You Can Make With Cricut Joy  

The Cricut Joy machine is the best simple, small-sized project. Some of the projects you can make with the Cricut Joy are as follows:

  • Joy can be your great companion in making party decoration crafts like banners, cardstock cards, and many more.
  • You can even make adhesive vinyl decals like nugs, tumblers, cases, and more.
  • You can even make cards for different occasions.

Should You Buy Cricut Joy Machine?

Many users must own the latest Cricut Maker machine and still are planning to get a Cricut Joy. The major reason is Cricut’s Joy portability and compact size. There is absolutely no doubt in saying that the Cricut Joy machine is a killer machine for a beginner, but professionals also do need these small machines to get their creative ideas straight to work when they feel inspired. This is the only reason why we see the Cricut joy machine being so popular and why people are ready to invest money in a new Cricut machine despite already owning one. Because of these performances and size, all the limitations are being overlooked by many people who buy this machine        

Fina Words

In this blog, we reviewed your favorite cutting machine, which is the Cricut Joy machine. At the end of this review, we can conclude that if you’re a beginner or you already own a big cutting machine like Maker or Explore, then you go for this machine. The reason being it is portable and phenomenal with the job, so it gets your tasks done very fast without you needing to set up or plan things. So in our opinion, you should definitely go for this machine for both beginners and professionals.             

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Types Of Projects Can I Make With My Cricut Joy Machine?

In Cricut, you can perform tasks like cutting, writing and drawing by using pens. Some of the projects you can make with the Cricut Joy machine are labels, cards, decals, and many more. So, you need not have to work about the capabilities of this tiny portable machine.         

Can We Make T-Shirts With Cricut Joy Machine?

Yes, you can use your Cricut Joy machine to design T-shirts. Cricut Joy users also prefer to use iron-on for designing shirts    

Is the “Print Then Cut” command available in the Cricut Joy Machine?

The Cricut “Print Then Cut” command is not available in Cricut Joy. This feature is only available in new and latest Cricut machines like Cricut Maker 3 or Explore 3. The “Print Then Cut” feature automatically cuts and prints your design while coordinating with your Cricut machine and your inkjet printer.   

Is It Worth Buying Cricut Joy Machine?

Yes, the Cricut Joy machine is definitely worth buying, considering its size, performance, portability, and many more unique features. The major advantage of getting a Cricut Joy machine is its portability and its high performance. This machine is perfect for beginners or hobbyists who are new to crafting and can make projects like cards, labels, unique gifts, and more things. 

What Are The Limitations Of A Cricut Joy Machine?

Cricut Joy, despite having so many features, does have many limitations too, which many newer Cricut machines have resolved. The major limitation which almost all Joy users would have faced is the limited design cutting size of 5 inches. There are many projects which do require big-size, lengthy materials, but in Joy, it is not possible. Though you can create some of the complex projects which you cannot make in Cricut.




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