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Crossing the Stunning Beast Concubine _ Phoenix Against the World _ End _ Fanwai _

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“Ah, ah, ah!”! Squeak, squeak!!! As soon as the dream weaver opened his mouth, his voice was so harsh that he wanted to throw him away! “Shut up!” Huang Beiyue gave a low shout, carrying a few petal-like things, and picked up the dream-weaving beast, which had thin hands and feet on its body. This kind of spirit beast was only recorded in books before, and few people had really seen it. I thought they should be extinct, or they would live in the depths of the floating forest and would not come out easily. How could I expect to meet them in the periphery? Frightened by the sound of her drinking, the dream weaver closed his mouth and dared not make a sound any more. Feng Lianyi looked at her all the time, not knowing what she was thinking, but it seemed that she had no intention of killing the dream-weaving beast. Are the dreams they weave true? Huang Beiyue asked in a low voice. It depends on their own ability, but as long as they have experienced it, they can make you experience it again. Huang Beiyue thought for a moment, staring at the frightened dream-weaving beast with clear eyes, and the cold light in his eyes flashed, scaring the little thing to keep squeaking pitifully. Feng Lianyi couldn't help laughing and said, “They are very timid, so they only dare to hide in the dark.” “They belong to the spirit beast, as long as the contract can communicate with them?” Feng Lianyi was slightly stupefied. Did she want to conclude a contract with this dream-weaving beast? Although the ability of this dream weaving beast is good, it is not so easy for people to fall into the trap if they are prepared in advance. Their language style is very special, belonging to a kind of spirit beast whose mind is not open, and it is difficult to communicate. “Is it?” Huang Beiyue narrowed her eyes slightly, “no matter whether the language is clear or not, there is a kind of communication in the world, which is omnipotent, that is intimidation!” As he spoke, he loosened his hand and threw the dream-weaving beast on the ground,Horse weight lbs, saying to the little red gold holy tiger, “Bite him!” Such a round creature was placed in front of him, and the little red gold holy tiger immediately became excited, like a ball of wool, and jumped on it, holding the dream weaver in his mouth that had not yet grown teeth! “Squeak, squeak!!!” The dream-weaving beast was scared out of his wits and kept screaming. Huang Beiyue looked at it with an expressionless face, while Feng Lianyi thought it was funny and shook his head. He had been gnawed by the mythical beast all the time. It would be strange if the dream-weaving beast was not scared to death! After gnawing for a while, the dream weaver caught an opportunity to slip out of the mouth of the little red gold holy tiger, and hurriedly opened his calf to run for his life. But how could his thin legs run fast? As soon as he escaped, he was kicked back by Huang Beiyue! “Ah, ah, ah!” The dream-weaving beast screamed and was eaten with saliva all over his body. Knowing that he could not escape, his big eyes began to blink, and he looked pitifully at Huang Beiyue, cattle weight tape ,horse weight tape, apparently asking her for help. Huang Beiyue squatted down and looked at him arrogantly. “Listen to me. Don't run away.” “Yah!”! Squeak! “No, no squeak. I don't understand. If you agree, blink. If you don't agree, don't blink.” The dream-weaving beast stared for a moment, and suddenly Huang Beiyue's eyes were cold, and he immediately blinked like a convulsion. Huang Beiyue, like the corners of her mouth, said to Little Chijin Shenghu, “Let him go.” The little red gold holy tiger opened his mouth and spit out the round dream weaver. He was still lying on the ground. Chapter 371: Dream Weaving Beast [5] Chapter 371: Dream Weaving Beast [5] The little red gold holy tiger opened his mouth and spit out the round dream weaver. He was still lying on the ground, staring at the dream weaver with black eyes on his big head, ready to drag him over again. Huang Beiyue picked up the dream-weaving beast, took a veil to wipe the saliva off his body, looked at the people lying on the ground, and said, “Let them all wake up.” The dream-weaving beast blinked obediently, and then the petals on his body opened, revealing his whole round body. There was a green stem on his head, with a pointed top. The stem shook in the air, and the sound it made could not be heard by the ears at all, just like an ultrasonic wave, rippling away in waves. As the sound came out, the fallen students and teachers slowly woke up. Huang Beiyue put the dream weaver in his bag and told him not to move. Then he went over and helped Princess Yingye up from the ground. What's wrong Princess Sakura opened her eyes, her face was pale, and she felt a headache. After a nightmare, there is still a lot of fear in my heart, looking around, my eyes are at a loss. Just wake up. Seeing that Princess Sakura was not injured, Huang Beiyue was also slightly relieved, remembering that when she was trapped in a nightmare just now, she seemed to have started on Princess Sakura, who was closest to her. Fortunately, Feng Lianyi pulled her in time, otherwise, in her crazy state, how could Princess Sakura Night be her opponent? Speaking of it, only Feng Lianyi and his bodyguard Yu Wendi were not deceived by the dream of the dream weaving beast just now. Why is that? We all came in together, and we never expected the dream weaver to come out before! This seems a little strange, is there any special secret method for the people of Shura City? Will they not be deceived by the dream weaver's illusion at all, or does he know that there will be a dream weaver!? Huang Beiyue raised his head and looked at Feng Lianyi lightly. The suspicion in his eyes was not hidden at all. He did not believe him, that is, he did not believe him. This man had no feeling of trust at all! Feng Lianyi was stunned, the smile on his lips slowly disappeared, slightly turned his eyes away, did not look at her, only lowered his head, gently asked Princess Sakura with concern. Sure enough, there is a problem! Huang Beiyue also looked away and looked at the other sober students and teachers. Elder,Pi tape measure, it should be the dream weaver! Academician Lei and several other teachers were all in a bad mood. At the moment, they were both embarrassed and ashamed. The dream weaver can bring out the side that people don't want to face most in their hearts. Just now so many people have lost their temper. These usually sanctimonious teachers will naturally feel guilty. Elder Nangong also looked a little ashamed. His long beard was in a mess. He coughed lightly and said, “I didn't expect that there would be a dream weaver on the periphery of the floating forest. This experience is really full of twists and turns!” 。 tapemeasure.net


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