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Crystallization is a physical change. Crystallization is the formation of solids from the liquid or gaseous phase. This technique includes obtaining the crystals of a soluble substance from a hot saturated solution and separating the soluble solid from the solution.

To concentrate feed into solid crystals and clean water, crystallizers are used. A progressively harder method for which crystallite sizes are formed from a liquid solution is known as crystallization. Crystallizers can remove liquid wastes completely, resulting in no liquid discharge (ZLD). The process continues and secondary crystallization are the two stages of crystallization. The formation of new crystals is referred to as primary nucleation. Secondary nucleation is the primary stage that results in the mass production of crystals. There are two types of crystallization processes: evaporative crystallization and cooling crystallization. Please visit here https://watermanaustralia.com/crystallizer-for-effluent-recycling-zero-liquid-discharge-system/ for more details. 

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