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Cultural Tours In India Takes You To New Horizons Of Nirvana

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You can never know a country for real until you have become a part of its cultural history as well. When we talk about a country like India, with centuries-old traditions and customs, this statement holds. There are many things said about India, and you can only know the depth of truth in them once you come here and be a part of the journey to Nirvana.


Cultural India


There are several facets of Indian culture that are seen across the length and breadth of the country. The traditions and the customs may appear to be entwined with religion at times, but in reality, there are many occasions that have been celebrated by people of diverse cultures through the decades.


Festivals Of India


One of the most celebrated parts of Indian culture is its festivals. There is a great deal of music, lights, illumination, use of color, and gaiety in the celebration of each one of them. A fun fact about India is the number of festivals that are celebrated each year.

It doesn’t matter when you are traveling, there will be something on and around those dates for you to see and even be a part of it. There are cultural tours in India that include one or more such festivals for visitors to enjoy.




Holi is the festival of colors.

Based on a mythological belief, when a demoness was defeated in her evil plans, this day became a symbolic victory celebration.

The day begins with people smearing each other with some of the brightest colors in the form of powder. It is a celebration of the victory of truth over evil and the prevalence of joy in the world.




Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. Lord Ram was banished from his kingdom for 14 years by the wishes of his stepmother. His wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman accompanied him as well.


After a journey of 14 years known as the epic Ramayana, when this popular prince returned to his kingdom, the whole place was lighted with small earthen lamps known as ‘diyas’

This is also known as Deepawali.


Dances And Music


If you are a fan of the fine arts, there is a treasure trove for you here. there is an abundance of performing arts here with dances, classical music, dance forms, and folk music from different parts of the country.


As part of the cultural tour package India you will be treated to folk dances and musical performances that are both unique and melodious.



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