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Your home should be a safe space to lounge, relax, and play—which is easy to do when you curate your surroundings. Spending a little bit of time making sure your home has the ideal space for self-care is essential to being able to fully enjoy some you-time. On top of setting aside time when you can put on your favorite pajama shorts set read, do your nails, journal, or apply a facemask, give yourself time to create a setting that’s welcoming, fun, and uniquely you.

Choose an Enchanting Accent Wall

Find a wall in your space and turn it into an accent wall. Accent walls are charming and instantly elevate bathrooms, kitchens, and office spaces. You can choose something elegant and understated, like a city toile of a beloved city you visited or want to visit, or you may want to pick an adventurous pattern that boasts oysters, banana leaves, or bikini bottoms.

Buy Designated Self-Care Jammies

Once you have the space to your liking, invest in something to wear in that space during you-time, like a pajama set. Go for a bold print or pattern that’s a little quirky and energetic. After choosing your pajama set, you might even want to get it monogrammed. Monogrammed pajamas are an excellent way to say, “This moment is about me now.” Plus, they look super classy, and you’ll want to wear them every weekend. They’re the pajamas you always reach for when you have a moment to yourself, but they’re also pajamas—enjoy them whenever.

Wear a Luxurious Robe

PJ shorts sets are sweet little additions to your loungewear collection, but as the weather cools down, you might want to grab a luxurious robe to go with them. Whether you mix and match your prints or want them all synchronized, the robe will be a stand-out addition to self-care. They’re perfect when you’re fresh out of the shower at home, doing a skincare treatment, and someone knocks on the door to ask you a question.

Invest in Beautiful Trays for Your Favorite Things

With your space and your loungewear, the only thing you have left to do is lay out your must-haves for self-care. Grab a beautiful tray set and place items like skincare products, your e-reader and glasses, snacks, books, or a journal and some pens and label that tray as your “self-care tray.” It may match your accent wall with a fun, fresh, and vibrant pattern, or it will be a timeless piece that doubles as a piece of home décor when you’re not using it for you-time.

You can make a space in your home that speaks to your unique wants and needs. It may be the home décor or your loungewear that ensures you can unwind and enjoy a moment to yourself. Whether it’s your bathroom, an office, the living room, or the kitchen, find an area that makes you happy and do something that turns the room into your safe space. Then, you can put on your loungewear set and pamper yourself with whatever self-care sounds good.

About Katie Kime

Katie Kime brings a world of patterns and personalization into your daily life with their luxury pajamas and stunning home decor. As a brand, Katie Kime produces modern and traditional art to remind you that you were born to do—not to simply be. Whether you operate in your home office wearing some of Katie Kime’s beautiful white pajamas or spend some time in the kitchen alongside an attention-grabbing wallpaper, you can explore the many facets of your imagination. Designed to spark creativity and incite a sense of liveliness into everything you do, Katie Kime’s world of color, prints, and textures celebrates stories and allows you to expand your idea of what looks fashionable and feels fresh or adventurous. Now, you can explore and connect with worlds inside and outside your home and do it all with Katie Kime.

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