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Caviar is a salty, unfertilized fish egg that is a high-priced seafood delicacy. They have a small, pearl-like shape and can range in color from black to green. It is extracted from the roe sacks of fish, which contain eggs. Sevruga Caviar, along with Beluga Caviar and Osetra Caviar, is one of the most expensive roes in the world. This Caviar is made from the rare Sevruga sturgeon of the Caspian Sea, and the difference between it and its more expensive sisters is that the eggs are generally smaller.

Sevruga Caviar has grown in popularity as the most affordable option among imported Caviars. Chefs have always argued that it is the taste of the Caviar that is important. When it comes to selecting the best Caviar for a person, taste will always be the deciding factor. But don’t worry if you’re still perplexed! Here are the facts about Sevruga Caviar is as follows:

  1. Sevruga is the smallest and most common type of Sturgeon fish which is light grey in color and has a strong flavor than other caviar
  2. The size and color of the eggs are far more desirable and expensive than others. It is considered as one of the appealing eggs when topped on a dish of your choice.
  3. Farmed caviar is becoming more popular among consumers and chefs alike, and it is generally less expensive than wild caviar.
  4. Caviar is also becoming more popular as more people become aware of its numerous health benefits. It contains a lot of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and selenium.
  5. Caviar of high quality is known for its firm texture as well as flavor qualities such as a creamy and buttery taste.
  6. The recommended storage temperature for Sevruga Caviar is 26 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, in the coldest part of the refrigerator, not in the freezer. Caviar should never be frozen! It will burst and destroy the taste.
  7. Caviar should be served with mother-of-pearl spoons. It should be served with glass or ceramic containers that will suffice. It should never be served with metal accessories because it will impart a metallic flavor in the taste
  8. Caviar should be served with ice, at a temperature lower than room temperature, to preserve its exceptional flavor.

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