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Your windows. It is one of the most important parts of your home, and therefore it is equally important to dress your windows properly, for aesthetics as well as to protect your home from the harsh rays of the sun, light and to protect your privacy.

Blinds and curtains are two types of window coverings that have remained very popular among homeowners who are looking for blinds and shutters in Sydney. While they are both versatile and high in aesthetics, you may be wondering which one is the better of the two.

In reality, getting either blinds or curtains in Sydney, both have their pros and cons, and at times it will depend greatly on what your exact purpose for window coverings is, as well as your budget, space, and existing interior.

You can get both blinds and curtains in Sydney from a number of reputed vendors, who will have the right amount of experience to advise you on what is best suited for your purpose and your home. It is always best to get your blinds and shutters in Sydney from a professional who can also install these for you, as sometimes installing window coverings can be quite a hassle if you’re not experienced in it.

Here are a few pros and cons of blinds and curtains, to help you with your window covering decisions.


Blinds have become a very popular type of window coverings over the years due to their low cost and high durability, as well as great versatility. Blinds are usually made from wood, faux wood, vinyl, aluminum or fabric, or a mix of these materials. The more popular types of blinds include Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, and Vertical Blinds, and for those looking for greater insulation in their homes, Honeycomb Blinds come highly recommended.

Pros of using Blinds:

  • Less costly – Blinds use much fewer materials and are therefore less expensive than other types of window coverings. Installation is also pretty straight forward and easy and doesn’t take up much time.
  • Better control of light – The slats on blinds, whether vertical or horizontal, allow for greater control of light. However, because of the slatted design of blinds, even when it is fully closed, a little bit of light will still enter from in-between slats.
  • Better control of privacy – You have greater control of how much privacy you want when you use blinds for your windows.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning is a breeze when it comes to blinds. A simple regular vacuuming, or wipe down with a damp cloth will keep the blinds clean and well maintained for years.
  • More durable – Because of the materials used in blinds, they are usually very resistant to stains and discoloration, and less inclined to regular wear and tear.
  • Suitable for wet areas – Most blinds are made of moisture-resistant materials, hence they are highly suitable for use in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas.

Cons of using Blinds:

Although blinds are somewhat good at insulating a room, being of the slat design means that some heat and air will escape from in-between the slats.

Fewer design possibilities – The range of materials used is limited, and hence there are very few design possibilities with blinds.


Curtains have been a popular type of window covering for years and seem to have timeless popularity attached to it. They exude an aura of classic design style, and your interior can be modern, contemporary or elegant, depending on the fabric and materials you choose. There are many options in terms of fabrics, colours, prints when it comes to curtains in Sydney. You can select from sheer, silk, velvet, printed or even baroque fabrics, depending on the look you are going for.

Pros of using Curtains:

  • Better insulation and noise cancelling – Due to the thickness of the materials and the fact that curtains can be closed fully, with no areas for air to escape, they are great for insulation purposes as well as for noise cancelling.
  • Greater design possibilities – With curtains you can style your home using a vast range of fabrics, colours, prints, or even mix and match fabrics and colours to create your own design theme. The possibilities are endless.
  • Cons of using Curtains:
  • More expensive – Curtains use a lot more materials and takes time to make them. Furthermore, they need to be made by a professional, and can take a long time for installation as well. Due to these factors curtains tend to be a costlier type of window covering.
  • No control of light – Curtains when closed provide total black out of light, and there is much less control.
  • Cleaning is complicated – Although curtains can be vacuumed, you will still need to vacuum them from top to bottom and for the full width of the fabric. Considering the amount of fabric that goes into making curtains, this can be quite a difficult task. In addition, if you need to get any stubborn stains out, you will actually need to remove the entire curtain in order to get it dry cleaned or washed, and reinstalling them can be quite the hassle.
  • Not very durable – Curtains are more likely to tear, stain and build up mold than blinds, and you will need to replace them much sooner than you think.

Curtains are also not suitable for wet areas.


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