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Custom clip in hair extensions

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Custom clip in hair extensions are simple and easy way to have larger, fuller hair. They don't have to be tied for long periods of time and aren't harmful to your hair. They can be used to increase length, volume and even highlight your hair in only a couple of minutes.

The hair clips join the hair wefts of clip-ins horizontally in many rows to hair. It's an easy and secure hair extension process that permits your customers to easily alter their appearance. Women who love changing the appearance of their face from time will definitely appreciate the hair extensions.

They can be purchased in various wefts that are clipped on your hair. The clips can be pinned to your hair by yourself. The procedure is straightforward and only takes a few moments to do.

Clip-in hair extensions consist from 100 100% Human Remy Hair of the best quality, making one of the top clip-in extensions available. Clip-in extensions from us are easy to style and color they come with a long life of washing and aren't dry or frizzy. The clips are made of stainless steel, and they are coated with a tone-intone hue to create a perfect connection. A thin line of rubber inside the clips guarantees the strongest bond and keeps the clip from sliding off the hair. The versatility of clips-in hair extensions is what is what makes them so attractive. You won't be able to discern that they're there!

They look real as the silky 100 percent Remy human hair blends easily and doesn't harm the hair you already have. The clip-in extensions come with the clips already connected, meaning they're easy and quick to put on and could transform your hair completely within a matter of minutes. Hair can be curled or straightened. Hair extensions clip-in are easy to take care of and retain their softness for months!

The clip-in human hair extensions, just like the rest of our items, come in a variety of textures, colors, lengths and weights, making it possible to personalize the hairstyle you want to preferences. Try it out and see what styles you can make with this variety of options? We've all seen pictures of celebrities sporting gleaming shiny hairstyles in magazines however, few are aware of how real this possibility is.

Clip-in Extensions Installing in Two ways

Two easy installation steps presented here will have you up and.

The Method of Loose Hair

If you're looking for your natural hair to come loose and let it grow out, using the Loose Hair Method is the method to follow. It is the simplest method to create your custom clip in hair extensions and is a great method to increase your natural hair's length and volume.

  • To begin, cut your hair around just the neck's nape. Put in a clip-in weave that covers the entire length; we suggest beginning with the three clip wefts.
  • Continue to divide your hair into 1.5″ sections and then putting the clip-in weave or combination of clip-in wefts across the whole area while working your way upwards.
  • For keeping your hair as straight as you can, use the longer 4 or 5-clip wefts for the top part of your head.
  • Continue working in a U-shape around your head, mixing your clip-ins from the front to the back and bottom to top.
  • Once you've put in your clip-ins into your hair, you can make them curl or style in the way you like.

Braid down Method

Attach your clip using your Braid down Method if you're applying your extensions to create a more secure fashion. Before beginning, cut from a small portion of your hair that is naturally around your hairline and part of your head and braid the remainder of your hair.

  • Install a clip-in that is able to be slid over the area that starts at the nape of your neck. We recommend starting with the 3-clip weaves.
  • Continue to clip the clips in a U-shape over your head, leaving approximately 1.5 millimeters between rows.
  • When you've got your loose hair, you can begin splitting portions of the hair, and then putting clips into them and working them through your head. This will ensure it's possible that the custom clip in hair extensions blend with your hair and not exclusively placed at the back of your head.
  • For a perfect finish for a flawless finish, use the larger wefts to the tops of your hair. This is just as you would do with the Loose Hair Method.
  • After you've clipped in your clip then you are able to make them curl or style according to your preference.

Which Way to Take Clip-in Hair Extensions Off Correctly?

It's time to take off the extensions after you've finished using the extension. While hair extensions are produced by various businesses, the fundamental idea will be the same. It is because there are general guidelines to follow when getting rid of them.

  • Make sure that hair is not tangled.

Be sure to make sure the problematic areas are eliminated when hair becomes stiff, matted or knotted as a result from the continued use or application of this product (such as gels or holding sprays). Before you attempt to take off the clip-in hair extensions, hair should be returned to its original condition.

A light mist of water could be necessary. Utilizing your brush or your fingers move your way across the hair. Or, a comb with large teeth is a great tool to help get rid of any clumping that is affecting your items. Before proceeding making sure that you smoothed out any knots in your hair.

  • Split hairs into sections

Just above the place where extensions were placed, you can see a part of the hair. This will show the position of the attachments for the hair. It is also possible to separate the natural hair a bit beneath the area where the clip-ins were placed if you wish. This additional step makes it much easier to take them off.

  • Take off The Clip-In Hair Extensions

By holding with one hand your hair, gently lift and slide the custom clip in hair extensions out. Be aware of hair pulling while doing this.

Stop pulling your hair and begin detangling it when you feel that you're pulling too hard. This will help in preventing hair loss.

Use your thumbs to press down and then use your fingers index to apply pressure to the outside as you remove the surgical procedure.

It should also be easy to open. If a section has several clips you should first start all of the clips prior to pulling out the sections' extensions.

  • Disconnect The Clip-In Hair Extensions

Take a look at the hair extensions that are clipped in after taking them out of the hair, to ensure there aren't knots.

Smooth the hair out using the comb or brush (and should you require it or needed, a solution for detangling).

You can make use of your fingers if your hair is not too tightly tangled.

  • Dry and store hair extensions clip-in to the clips

If you have used a small application of water to the clips-in extension allow them to air dry prior to placing them in storage.

If you're in a hurry use the smallest blow-dry setting you can.

Once you've dried your custom clip in hair extensions put them away till you're ready make them available again.

Select a cool, dry area to keep them in the extensions, and preferably in a container. Always make sure that the extensions aren't exposed to the sun's rays. UV light sources can quickly degrade the hair, making it to lose its color and appear old. The hair will lose its shine as a because of this.

Be sure to keep them in a container that's both wide enough to allow for the entirety of the. If they're placed in a bunch and they'll collect moisture and then become entangled with time.

Frequently asked questions

What's the most effective method to care for your clip-in hair extensions?

  • Make sure to brush your hair and extensions before you use the extensions.
  • Chemicals that are harmful, such as chlorine, bleach alcohol, sulphate, protein, and keratin should not be applied to your extensions as they strip the oils off the extensions and leave their hair dry, hard and knotted.
  • It's essential to only apply a shampoo that is sulphate-free and conditioner for your extensions.
  • If you don't use them regularly clips-in hair extensions do not require cleaning frequently.
  • After you have washed your extensions, rub them lightly, then let they air dry.
  • When it comes time to store the extensions you've got, it's best to store them until they're dry following washing.
  • To reduce knots, braid your extensions prior to bed and when they're being maintained.
  • Dying your hair extensions is not advised because it can affect the quality and length of your hair extensions.

Do I need me to engage an expert to apply my clip-in hair extensions in place?

Our custom clip in hair extensions were made for those who are looking for fast volume and thickness, without the need to go to the salon. In just a few minutes, you can apply the extensions onto your own hair your home.

My hair may be curly is it possible to use clip-in extensions for my hair?

The clip-in hair extensions we offer are designed to be able to they can be worn by anybody. The more pieces you require to have a perfect mix longer the hair will be. To get the best results, we suggest using Our Ultimate Volume Clip our Hair Extensions package.

How long is the lifespan that my clips-in extensions of hair last?

The hair extensions we clip-in are made from the highest top quality Remy human hair, however the durability of the extensions will be determined by the way you take care of them as well as the frequency you use them. If taken care of properly our clip-in hair extensions could last for up to 12 months.

Does it allow me to wash my hair extension?

The clip-ins you have purchased can be cleaned! To prolong the life the extensions you have, we suggest applying a sulphate-free shampoo as well as conditioner. Brushing your extensions prior to washing them is vital. This can stop knots and tangles developing during the drying process. While it is recommended to let the extensions air dry, applying heat to your hair is completely secure.

How Do You Customize Your Hair Extensions?

  • Choose the Colors You Want

Our custom clip in hair extensions are offered in range of colors. Don't worry if you are unable to find the color you're after. We can create these according in accordance with your requirements. Just send us your requirements or a picture, and we'll start working immediately!

  • The effects of Color

We have a wide range of effects that can be used to enhance the appearance the appearance of hair extensions. If you have other colors in mind. Please let us know!

  • Tips of Various Types

There are two amazing tip styles. We have the lace weave as well as the smooth tip. The seamless tip is tiny unnoticeable, and rests directly on top of your head while the lace weft has traditional and provides maximum comfort.

  • Packaging

Because packaging has significant impact on your business, we would like you to choose the right color and style. Let your imagination run wild and share your ideas with us to make your company stand out!

Pros and Cons of Extensions

Benefits of making use of Clip in Hair extensions

Clip-in hair weaves provide the obvious advantage of allowing your customers to enhance the length and volume of their hair at home, as well as at their own.

  • They are Temporary

Women are always looking to play in their fashions, making them match their mood or their particular event. Hair extensions that clip-in are a great method to achieve this. It is easy to remove them and change to a different hairstyle should you desire.

  • A Effortless Application

Another benefit of custom clip in hair extensions is that they can be put on within a matter of minutes. Because you are able to quickly clip and remove the extensions of hair, they can alter your look however you want. Also, you won't need to hire a professional or stylist to take care of the work on your behalf, and that can cost you more.

  • They are Wearable Anywhere

Clip-ins are a great way to take to wherever you travel. You can be sure that your clip-ins won't disappoint you when you head to the gym for a workout or heading to take a stroll along the shoreline to have the afternoon sun.

  • They do not cause harm

There's no need to worry about clip-in hair extensions harming hair. They do not use adhesives, and they will not tie your hair in a way that could cause damage. They can be put on and removed without possibility of pulling hair or tangling since they use clips.

  • You can style them

Hair extensions are available in a myriad of styles and styles, however even if you just have a few they can be styled to change your appearance. For long beautiful waves, simply curl them, straighten and then blow-dry them. You can style them however you'd like without worry of damaging them.

  • They encourage relaxation

If this is the first time using hair extensions, these clip-ins will allow you to feel comfortable. The clips you use are gentle and non-abrasive. Therefore, wearing hair extensions feels like you're wearing any at all!


  • You'll need a professional's help

While taking care of your custom clip in hair extensions does require little effort, it will require periodic maintenance to ensure that they are looking great and ready for use. After every use, you should brush your hairpieces and rinse them with a mild shampoo. Leave-in conditioners and detangles could be necessary. In addition, the pieces must be stored on a dry, level surface, away from direct sunlight. They should be stored in a container that is moisture-proof.

  • You must correctly attach the Clip-in Extension Hair

Hair extensions clip-in that aren't properly attached can fall off anytime throughout the daytime. To prevent this from happening, make sure the wefts are properly secured before you leave the house or with a stylist or yourself. When wearing them, be careful not to pull them down.

  • Clip-Ins Aren't Easy For Hair With Shorter Curls

Custom clip in hair extensions might make it difficult for you to put on for people with shorter hair. The clips can be noticed when worn by short hair extensions users the length match is crucial.

  • Clip-in hair extensions could Be too heavy

If you make a mistake or try more powerful clip-ins, this form of hair extension can result in pulling hair out and pulling it back. The weight could cause excessive amount of pressure on your head's hair. This is particularly true when hair is thin or fine.



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