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Choosing engravable jewelry is a sure way to make it truly special. It takes a simple gift and turns it into a lifetime treasure. Custom jewelry with a special engraving is also an excellent way to hold onto your memories and celebrate life’s journey along the way. If you love the thought of personalization but aren’t sure what to get engraved on your piece, the following ideas may help fuel your creativity. Whether it’s a customized pendant necklace or cuff bracelet, it’s the thought that counts.

<Insert Text Here>: Many Meaningful Options

It might seem intimidating to choose your text for engraving, especially with a generous character limit, but that just means the possibilities are endless…in a good way. Try to think of something you (or a recipient) would want to see every day, such as a positive affirmation, motivational quote, or inspiring words. You could even choose the name or initials of a loved one, soulmate, or pet.

Engraving Ideas for Your Person

Create a special gift for your special someone with a thoughtful piece of engraved jewelry. Whether it’s a bracelet or a necklace that rests close to their heart, a personalized piece of jewelry is sure to be something they’ll cherish. Consider engraving it with a heartfelt message like:

• It was always you

• I love you

• Forever yours

• You’re the one

Engraving Ideas for a Lost Loved One

A memories necklace with a simple engraved quote and butterfly image is a lovely way to honor a lost loved one. You could also engrave a blank charm or cuff bracelet with a phrase that reminds you of that person, either in your own handwriting or in a font you like. Some thoughtful sentiments you could engrave for yourself or others include:

• Always on my mind

• Love never dies

• Carpe diem

• Never Forgotten

Morse Code: Hidden Message

Dots and dashes may not mean anything to someone looking at your piece of jewelry. That’s what makes Morse code an exciting engraving option. It’s a secret message in plain sight. You can say whatever you want—no one else has to know what it means. Just keep in mind that one letter in Morse code is usually 2-5 dashes or dots, so you don’t have much room to work with. Keep your message short. Some brief but meaningful engravings could be:

• Love u, Fearless, Strong

• Faith, Hope, Dream

• Mama, Daddy, Sis

• Always, Forever, Infinity

Dates: Most Cherished Days

You won’t likely forget a special day, but you can memorialize it with jewelry. Engrave the date something life-changing or meaningful happened. Bracelets and other jewelry are great gifts for someone close to you and for yourself if you want to share in the memory with a matching piece. Here are some specific dates you might want to consider:

• Your child’s birthday

• Your wedding day or first date

• The day you adopted your dog

• The day you graduated or ran your first marathon

Travel Coordinates: Adventure Lovers

Engraving coordinates onto a bar necklace, cuff bracelet, or signet ring is a meaningful way to commemorate a special place. It’s a great way to remember your travels and vacation spots. You could even start a collection of pieces and add to them every time you visit somewhere new. Some coordinates you might consider include:

• Your favorite vacation spot ever

• Your most epic adventure

• Where you grew up

• Where you got married

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